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My WDW Quick-Service Suggestions....

The Land ( Sunshine Seasons Inside)

I always get asked which quick-service restaurants at WDW are my favorites so I thought I'd list my favorites in each park.

Magic Kingdom

Caseys's has always been a favorite of mine. It is located at the end of Main street. I'm a sucker for a good hot dog. Although I do not like the new buns WDW serves now with the dogs. The lines go by quick & I've never regretted anything from here. On my next trip I really want to try their corn dog nuggets! I always put the liquid cheese from the condiments bar on my dogs. If you'd like to read a more in depth review on Casey's click here: 

Columbia Harbor House- This is by far my favorite! I always get the tuna salad sandwich here. It is SO good! We normally sit upstairs. It is quiet, air conditioned,& you have a nice view! CHH is located in between Fantasyland & FrontierLand. It is really close to the Haunted Mansion. Here is a more detailed review of CHH if you are interested:

View from upstairs at CHH

If you are looking for a smoothie I would go with Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies in TommorrowLand. It is right across from the SpeedWay. You can also go to the Cheshire Cafe for whole fruit & slushies. That is located in between TomorrowLand & Fantasyland. There are also restrooms right next to there. 

My FAVORITE Ice Cream at WDW is in Fantasyland at Storybook Treats! I ALWAYS get a chocolate soft serve hot fudge sundae! They are a hidden gem on property. They offer other sundaes as well. 

Disney's Hollywood Studios

There are not a lot of good options in this park honestly. You can grab an okay breakfast at Starring Rolls Cafe. For that experience click here: 

We wanted to stay and watch Fantasmic one night so decided to give Fairfax Fare a try. It is right across from the theatre area to Fantasmic. I REGRET not getting the truffle mac & cheese hot dog! My husband REALLY enjoyed his turkey leg though. I think DHS needs to step up their fast food service options in this park. If you want my full review of Fairfax Fare then click here:


The Land Sunshine Seasons is the best place to eat a healthy balanced meal in Epcot. I have eaten here quite a few times. They have a ton of options to choose from. I've had anything from caesar salad to pasta here. It is basically a cafeteria style place. You pick what you want & then check out with the cashier. Next trip I'd love to try breakfast here one day. It is located back in the park near the Nemo Attraction.

Yorkshire County Fish Shop is a good alternative to eating at Rose & Crown to save some money. I enjoy their fish & chips but think getting them from the stand would be a lot quicker & easier. Sometimes the line can get quite long though. It is located next to the Rose & Crown Restaurant in Epcot.

Animal Kingdom

We tried FlameTree BBQ for the first time this past trip & loved it! The line looked VERY long but we only waited about 10 minutes or so. They handed out menus to people in line so you knew what you wanted when you got up to the cashier. We had to try their famous onion rings and BBQ. Both were excellent. For my full review please click here:


Please feel free to ask any questions!

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