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Hi! My name is Kate & I was a Disney College Program Cast Member in Spring 1999-Spring 2000. I worked at All Star Music & Fantasyland Attractions. I live in the DC Area currently but still have a passion for Disney. I was born in Orange County,CA & went to DL a lot so you can say I've been a lifelong fan. I still have strong friendships with a lot of people who I met while working at WDW. I love to collect anything Mickey. I'm currently collecting things for my Disney bar! I love helping people with their WDW trips so if you ever have questions please feel free to email me!

Kate's Disney Favorites

Favorite character: Fantasia Mickey 

Favorite princess: Sleeping Beauty 

Favorite Ride: Space Mt.

Favorite sweet treat: Carrot Cake Cookie 

Favorite Meal: Le Cellier Filet & Mushroom Risotto 

Favorite Show: Wishes/Fantasmic TIE! 

Other Favorite Rides: Spaceship Earth & Carousel of Progress

Fave Song: Great,Big,Beautiful Tomorrow!

One of my good friends Jeff is a contributor to my blog from time to time. He is more of what you would call a Disney History & Trivia Disnerd. :) He also has an engineer back ground so can talk about Imagineer topics as well. The picture above is from his last Disney Cruise. He won EVERY Disney Trivia contest there was!

Jeff's Disney Favorites

 Favorite character: Maleficent (as the dragon).

 Favorite princess: Aurora.

 Favorite Ride: Splash Mountain.

 Favorite sweet treat: Mickey Bar.

 Favorite Meal: 2 Mickey Bars... okay, that's not a meal, so, Tonga Toast.

 Favorite Show: Lion King.

 Other Favorite Rides: PoTC, but I prefer the DL version. HM. Space Mountain. Expedition Everest.

 Fave Song: When She Loved Me (Jessie's song from Toy Story 2).

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