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Wyndham Midtown NYC Hotel Review w/ Pics & Video

Wyndham Midtown NYC Hotel Review w/ Pics & Video 

You can find the Wyndham Midtown at 205 E 45th St, New York, NY 10017. It is a quick walk to Grand central & there is a Duane Reade really close incase you forget anything. There is a really good German Restaurant next to it that I will write about next time. Also the Comfort Diner across the street has a very good breakfast but is really busy. I think we waited 10 minutes before being seated. 

Here is a video link to our room:

This is one of the nicest Wyndham timeshares we have stayed in. An added bonus was our room was the only one to have a HUGE patio besides the Presidential suite that we know of! 

We checked into room 1802 for this visit for reference.

It had a decent amount of living space for it being NYC. Last time we came to NYC our hotel room was like a small walk in closet so this was a huge upgrade for us! The sofa is a fold out couch too.

They have this cute table where you can play checkers or chess. The table doesn't pull up or out or anything.

There wasn't a lot of space in the bathroom so I ended up putting my makeup station at the dining room table. I liked the updated decor in this place a lot. You can see a window in the right hand corner & it does open. Also the soundproofing for this place was excellent. 

There is a small dishwasher & glass stovetop range. 

The microwave was hidden above the stovetop in the cabinets.

We loved that it had some space in the fridge to store wine or champagne. They do have a wine opener in the room. ;)

It does have an ice maker which we loved.The freezer is on the bottom portion.

The shower was kind of weird to use but has directions. I felt the shower/tub was VERY deep/high to get into so I'm not sure how an older person or anyone w/ difficulty stepping high would enjoy this kind of bathroom. There was no vent fan in the bathroom but I noticed in the shower there was a huge vent for air to escape to even though nothing was powered. I found the counter in the bathroom to be lacking but it is NYC & they are trying to save room in every nook & cranny. I had to move all of the hotels stuff to make room for my skincare & bathroom toiletries. :)

I did enjoy watching TV while showering on our trip. :) 

They have Toto toilets here! They are very loud & powerful! They have a lot of backsplash so be aware of that!

There are 2 closets in the bedroom that are the same size along with a shelf on top. No dressers in this room due to the size. There is a safe in one of the closets.

The bed was SO comfy! The side table on the right had a huge area to place stuff & the bed frame has an outlet for you to charge your phone on the right side. :)

Part of our enormous patio! We had an AMAZING view of the Chrysler building! We felt like ballers staying here. The patio was our favorite part of our stay. 

Day View

Night View
We enjoyed drinking wine & eating cheese at night on our patio. 

Overall we loved staying here & are going back in a couple of weeks! We hope to get the same room. *crosses fingers* 

The staff is very friendly & helpful. Our train arrived to NYC at 10am so they held our bags so we could walk around the city until they texted us when it was ready. By the time we finished lunch it was time to go up & see our room. 

My in-laws are Timeshare owners so we never do the timeshare meeting they try & make us do. The girl was really pushy & asked us at least 5x about signing up to get free breakfast & free gift card but we didn't want to waste our time doing that. 

The cool thing about the elevator is you press in what floor you are going to before you enter inside the elevator. I have never seen that before anywhere. They do offer free mimosas & wine & cheese events on different days to timeshare owners where there is a patio to look out the city on but we didn't partake with our limited time. 

Have you stayed here? 

Please feel free to send me any questions that you may have. Thank you!

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