Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Disney Pumpkin cupcake recipe!

This was my first attempt to ever make them. It was SUPER easy! I omitted raisins,cloves, & nutmeg because I do not like those flavors. They came out awesome! I brought them into work today & everyone loved them. I just used my whisk attachment to mix the wet ingredients,sifted dry ingredients & then added to mixture. :) These are SOOOOOOO moist but heavy. I guess due to all the pumpkin in them?

I used medium size cupcake pans so they were a decent size. This is the DL Pumpkin Holiday Muffin, Blue Ribbon Bakery Recipe. I made 15 medium sized cupcakes. The icing recipe makes WAY too much. I have a whole container of leftover icing still to use on something....

Leftover icing after iced all cupcakes!

Icing ingredients

Disney Pumpkin Cupcake Recipe Instruction Video:


The office crew ;) 
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Yachtsmen Steakhouse Review...


This was our first time here & it was our first ADR for our trip. We got there 20 minutes early & were given a pager. We only waited 5-10 minutes before we were seated.


When you first walk in they have a window where you can watch them butcher the fresh meat. It was our anniversary so they printed us off special menus & let us keep them. :)

Butcher Window 

Front of Menu 
Our waiter explained the different kinds of cuts & gave us some reccomendations. He told us we could substitute any side item that we wanted. The salads were excellent. That was the first time we ever had prosciutto. The bread was amazing at least the onion roll. It comes with salted butter & garlic puree on the side. 
Breads with salted butter & garlic puree
Filet Mignon with Potato Gratin
New York Strip in peppercorn brandy sauce  with Potato Gratin 
Truffle mac & cheese

Caesar salad with prosciutto

My husband ended up getting the New York Strip steak while I got the Filet Mignon.We both chose scalloped potatoes for our side & ordered an extra side to share of the truffle mac & cheese. I was very disappointed in the au gratin. I didn't really like it & normally I love anything potato! The filet was my favorite steak I had the entire week. I ordered it medium rare & it came out perfect! My hubby LOVES wine and was impressed with their wine list but I just had a beer.  I tried his steak but I didn't like the sauce so I was very happy with my selection.

The mac & cheese was AMAZING! It was my favorite part of the meal besides my filet. They brought it out in a mini cast iron skillet. It is the best mac & cheese we have ever had. I found the recipe online & will be trying to recreate it for sure! It was so good I couldn't speak!HAHA

A lot of tables had small children but they were well behaved which was nice & we didn't even notice the kids after awhile. Maybe we were there on a good night? :)

We were given a free anniversary dessert which was superb! It was homemade chocolate covered caramels & had fresh cooked apple in cinnamon sugar with chocolate words "Happy Anniversary" on the plate. The waiter told us they served the "best" creme brulee on WDW property so we had to try it. I really loved it as did my hubby. This was a very expensive meal but well worth it. We were there around 2.5 hours so don't think you can rush & eat here. We will be back for sure! If you are debating on which Siganture restaurant to go to please put this one on your list!

YUMMY! This was SO amazing!

Loved the creme brulee as well! 

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nice new shady spot I found in Studios...

Sorry I've been MIA we got a puppy on Monday so I've been BUSY!!! ;)

Meet Ginger!!! Aussie Shepherd :)

When we were at DHS on our trip it was SO hot! After the Backlot tour we walked down a little bit towards the "New York" area & found a nice shaded stoop to sit on! It is right across the street from the new big Chevrolet sign. You cannot miss it. There is an ice cream & soda cart nearby as well. We enjoyed our sodas & ice cream there & rested for a bit.

Here is my hubby sitting in "our" stoop :)

Chevrolet sign I was talking about :) 
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Eat To The Beat Concert Series with Sugar Ray

We randomly came upon this mini concert at Epcot one day on our trip. He was pretty friendly & good with the crowd. It was nice to see someone perform who did NOT lip sync for once! We had a fun time at the concert. It was about 30 minutes or so. He played two times that day.

I uploaded the video to YT here: :)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

StoryBook Circus Under the Big Top Gift Shop

Me in new Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland 

I am going to write about the Under the Gift Top Gift Shop in the new part of FantasyLand next to Dumbo. It is to the left in the above picture. I thought I took a picture of the entrance but I didn't. I must have gotten distracted with all the new details I saw! It reminds me a lot of the old tent from Toon Town but it was a million times better & brilliantly themed!!! This was my favorite gift shop we went in the entire trip & you know how many of those stores Disney has! I really love the story of Dumbo & the whole inside coincides with just that story.

Everything from the carpet,cash register area,ceiling,& center of room scream Dumbo! I was so impressed with it all. Even my hubby enjoyed it. They have peanuts in the sidewalk just outside to start off. The carpet has a tent like theme to it as well which was a cool detail. The ceiling has a bunch of acrobat equipment too. The cash registers are train cars for a particular animal on the Dumbo train from the movie. It was SO cute! In the center of the tent is a huge candy counter to buy goodies! I was tempted but did not get any. We went here right after our breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table so we were pretty stuffed to begin with. They have everything from phone cases ( my hubby bought me one) t-shirts,ears,etc... My friends bought a bunch of stuff there & had it sent to their resort ;Port Orleans. Disney did send back to a few hotels that weren't Disney but they were in the Downtown Disney area. I never knew Disney did that so I thought I'd share the information incase you end up staying in that area! I highly recommend you have your kids watch Dumbo before your WDW trip so they can really enjoy the gift shop!

I took a lot of pictures people so here you are!!!
Treat counter in middle of store 

The carpeting inside store

Cash Register area I told you about 
Acrobat equipment in the ceiling
Just outside store .SUPER cute! 

Close up of some of the Halloween goodies I saw

Neatly stacked plush toys

My hubby amusing me by wearing Dale hat :) 
Peanuts in sidewalk outside
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Monday, October 15, 2012

PUSH is back!

I worked at Disney for two years & never witnessed a PUSH sighting so I was very excited to see "him" when we went two weeks ago! The little girl interacting with Push was too cute but the guy controlling PUSH walked right in front of me & my friends so we could see him the whole time which kind of ruined the magic but what can you do? He must have the best job ever. He got to wear street clothes to blend in crowd. He had a walkie talkie looking thing with microphone talking to the little girl. :) I'm glad it isn't a legend!

Have you ever seen PUSH @ MK?

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The guy in blue tee is controlling PUSH

iPhone case from LuckyBrew Cool! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Spirit of Aloha Experience.....

This was the worst experience I've ever had at a Disney event before but let me preface by saying it was pouring pretty bad. We arrived an hour or so before the show. Valet was a bit chaotic due to the rain but we got it done. We stayed off property so stood in line at the concierge desk to get our tickets. I pre-paid for them online since we weren't on DDP. She then told us we would have to check in at the desk next to a surfboard at the end of the lobby area. It was CHAOS down there! It was so disorganized that I kind of felt sorry for the girl working it. I noticed she was a disney college program cast member. Poor Girl. She was very sweet with us but the line had no order & was unorganized to a tee! We had several people come after us in line & ask us a lot of questions because it was so unorganized. Even the Photo Pass Line for the event was so chaotic that we didn't even take a picture.
 :( After that line she gave us another ticket with our seat numbers on it. Fifteen minutes later we were all escorted to the Luau center where they made us check in AGAIN! I don't understand why you have to check in three different times?That is just asking for confusion. They kept making announcements that the Luau could be cancelled at any point but we would still be fed. It rained the entire time but they still had the show but I wasn't that impressed with it. I liked the fire guy of course & some of the guys & girls dancing but found it too corny for my taste. I KNOW it is Disney but I would not go back to it again. My husband enjoyed it a lot. I took him here since we didn't get to go to a real luau on our honeymoon in Hawaii but I don't think it would compare so next time we go we will have to see. We were a party of 5 adults as FYI.

As soon as you sit down they will take your drink order & bring salad,pineapple,&bread. Wine & beer are included in the package but I chose to have a strawberry margarita after all of the chaos which was not included! The drink was VERY strong. It mostly tasted like just hard liquor which I didn't like but sipped it all night long. Beware! ;)

Next they brought out ribs,rice,&chicken. The ribs were cold but they did later bring out a new tray of hot ones but I didn't like them personally but everyone else at the table did. I did like the rice & chicken so that is a plus. I don't mean to be a Debby Downer or as my husband would say Kate Killjoy. ;)

My hubby & I at our table

The dessert is a chocolate pyramid shaped mousse with raspberry/pineapple glaze. It was ok but I wasn't crazy over it but my hubby loved it once again. :) 

I would not go to this show again. I'm not sure if it was just chaos due to the rain or what but we will try a new show next time! Please comment on your opinions of this show. I'd love to hear your feedback! 

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Karamell-Kuche salted milk chocolate caramel review...

I always get a sweet treat from this place. Karamell-Kuche is located in the Germany pavilion at Epcot. Some of the snacks are listed as a snack of the Disney Dining Plan. My hubby & I shared a huge salted caramel & OMG it was delicious! My hubby normally isn't into sweets as much as myself but he wanted more than one bite on this one & we fought over it. I think I paid $4.15 for this. We will definitely be getting one again next trip.

The smell of this store is intoxicating! The size of the caramel was a pretty good size. I think we got at least 5 bites out of it if not more.

My mouth waters by just looking at this!!!

My hubby in German ears ;)

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