Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Disney Pumpkin cupcake recipe!

This was my first attempt to ever make them. It was SUPER easy! I omitted raisins,cloves, & nutmeg because I do not like those flavors. They came out awesome! I brought them into work today & everyone loved them. I just used my whisk attachment to mix the wet ingredients,sifted dry ingredients & then added to mixture. :) These are SOOOOOOO moist but heavy. I guess due to all the pumpkin in them?

I used medium size cupcake pans so they were a decent size. This is the DL Pumpkin Holiday Muffin, Blue Ribbon Bakery Recipe. I made 15 medium sized cupcakes. The icing recipe makes WAY too much. I have a whole container of leftover icing still to use on something....

Leftover icing after iced all cupcakes!

Icing ingredients

Disney Pumpkin Cupcake Recipe Instruction Video:


The office crew ;) 
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