Saturday, September 29, 2012

Greetings from wdw!

Our flight from dc went without a hitch. We even arrived 15 minutes early. We used valet service at yacht and beach club while we went to mk. our hotel check in wasn't until 4pm. We had an amazing dinner at yachtsmen steakhouse then went to check in to our hotel.We decided to stay home and unpack. The front desk guy was so sweet and gave us a room w view of Epcot,dtown Disney and mk!!! Maybe because we were wearing our Disney happy anniversary pins?;) we are going to Hollywood studios tomorrow with lunch at brown derby and dinner at prime time 50s. It was very hot today. We waited 50 minutes for space mountain and 15 minutes for potc.we got our photo pass plus and it was super easy to get and use so far! Gotta go we are watching illuminations from deck in a few! Ttfn.

I'm off to the Happiest Place on earth!!

We are leaving shortly for our flight to the Happiest Place on Earth. We should land around 10:30ish & are going straight to MK today. If anyone sees me please say "hi" :) Hubby said I cannot wear my ears on the plane ;) HAH

It's a great big beautiful tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Vista Way Check-In Experience...

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging so much lately. Work has been crazy & I'm trying to get my house & travel arrangements together before our big WDW Trip! Woo-hoo! We leave Saturday morning for a week. :)

I ended up talking to a girl online who had the same check-in date as me so we decided to meet & room together. We met the day before check-in & went to MK together with my mom. You basically live with who you are next to in line so be aware of that going in! We had to drop off all of our paperwork & pick up Vista Way ID, blankets/sheets,etc... My mom helped me make my bed up & was on her way. I lived with 5 girls total.We had a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom. Sunni & I had our own bathroom. She ended up moving upstairs because our roommates smoked in our apartment so I had my own room/bathroom for the last month & half! I'm still friends with Sunni to this day & she is an amazing wife & mother. :)

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I pushed the beds together after Sunni left :) 
Sunni & I hanging out on first day we met. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ghirardelli Hot Fudge Recipe & Review...

Reheated hot fudge in microwave still as yummy as first time!
Right from stove & onto Ice Cream :) 

I've never attempted to make homemade hot fudge before this. This was VERY easy to make & tasted so yummy! I'm cheap so used Nestle chocolate chips instead of ghirardelli. I keep Costco bags of chocolate chips around when I'm in the mood for baking. ;) I already had the items in my cupboard so why not?! This makes A LOT & reheats amazing as well. If you are having a birthday party this would be a great topping to prepare. It only took me a little over 10 minutes to gather ingredients & make it. I admit I was impatient & didn't wait for it to cool. :)

I tested the hot fudge the day after. I put a small amount in a microwave safe bowl & heated for a minute & half. That was more than enough time to reheat. I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. :) This recipe gets a thumbs up from Kate! ;)

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Add all ingredients to saucepan except the vanilla & melt together 

Lightly boil for ten minutes

Add Vanilla & the sauce is complete!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Organizing your WDW Trip Items...

My friend Monika & I waiting in the airport :) 

I am amping up for my upcoming WDW trip from Sept 29-Oct 6. If you will be there then please let me know! I always try to make my folder 2 weeks prior so I'm not rushing at the last minute. I print out all my flight,hotel,rental car,Hween/Xmas Party tickets & file them by when I will need them in that order. I type up my ADR #'s & put them in my iphone incase I need them. Another tip is to take a picture of the parking section you are in so you don't forget or your room #. I always bring extra empty bag to carry souvenirs on the plane. I tend to buy a lot personally.;) Remember your photopass Plus voucher & hoppers too! If you got your hoppers off of undercovertourist remember to xerox the backs of them just incase you lose them!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Horn and Hardart Revisited

A Blue Sky idea that keeps coming into my head is to recreate one of the Horn and Hardart automats that opened in the beginning of the 20th century and faded out towards the end.  I even have a fond memory of visiting an automat in Manhattan in the 1970s.

The concept was relatively simple.  Patrons retrieved their food from a large bank of window-covered slots much like an oversized vending machine.  However, behind the wall were preparers ready to restock food items taken by opening the windowed doors.  It was quick and cost-effective and remained popular for decades.  However, the rise of the fast-food restaurant has been linked to the automat's decline.

Nostaligia for automats exists and there's even a tribute site  Attempts to revive them on a large scale have been made unsuccessfully.  So, instead of large scale, why not have a focused working tribute?  The automat has that Art Deco blend of retro and future which makes it a good candidate Disney's Hollywood Studios.  I was disappointed with the loss of the breakfast service at the ABC Commissary which left Anaheim Produce, Starring Rolls, and the Hollywood and Vine character buffet as the breakfast locations.  An automat could bring breakfast back to that side of the park while maintaining the other meal services as well.   The automats also have an east coast association especially with New York City.  That suggests a location on the Streets of America.
Automats could serve large groups of people fast and with a measurable amount of style in the look of the dining area.  This was especially true of the older, 1920s and 1930s locations.  It also offered a wider variety than is typically served at the Disney counter services.  The novelty of opening up a door and getting a snack or meal isn't lost on children.   It includes an element of fun.  So, guests can experience dining in the future that never was and always will be.

- Jeff 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Strollers & WDW...

I've seen a lot of posts on disboards lately about people complaining they cannot take their strollers in the line queue & other areas they should not be. Please do not get mad at cast members for directing you where to park your stroller. If strollers were allowed anywhere & everywhere the parks would be chaos! There is a system to the madness I assure you. One of my main jobs in FantasyLand was to rearrange strollers in neat rows! It was a tedious job but someone had to do it! ;)

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Unexpected Disney Surprise...

Sorry I have been MIA. My job kicked my behind last week leaving me so tired!

I went around to garage sales this weekend with my mom, her best friend, & my husband. We came to a sale with a few WDW mugs and I ended up sparking up a conversation with the people who lived there. We talked for 10-15 minutes & my husband didn't understand much of what we were talking about. Haha. The guy went inside to come back & show me a 1998 DAK polo he got before the park opened. Then I added that I had an opening coin for DAK myself.hehe. It is funny to see Disney people to try & out "Disney" eachother. Then my mom was telling him " She has a mousters degree" haha I'm jealous that he's going opening week for Fantasyland & he gets to try Be our guest as well. We discussed alcohol will be in MK & how that will go. It is always nice meeting a fellow Disney nerd. :) It is rare to find that near where I live!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Starring Rolls Red Velvet Cupcake Review...

Starring Rolls Red Velvet Cupcake 

I had high hopes for this place. I heard so many great things about it on I heard especially amazing things about the red velvet cupcake. I love red velvet so much that it was my wedding cake flavor!  We went here late in the afternoon around 3pm & no one else was there. I asked the young guy behind the counter for the red velvet cupcake. He then asked me which one it was which confused me because isn't he supposed to know that? I didn't think much of it considering he was a new intern possibly. :) I pointed it out & got one. My friend & I went to go sit at a table right outside. I cut it in half & dug in with my fork. It was the most DRY & awful cupcake I have ever had! I make really good red velvet at home so I was very disappointed. I let my friend try a bite so I knew I wasn't crazy on hating it & she agreed. I took one more bite just to make sure & I ended up throwing it away. I'm a HUGE sugar/dessert fiend so was so sad. I don't think I'll try another cupcake at Disney after that experience. I'm excited to try the carrot cake cookie & Main Street cinnamon roll this trip!

Has anyone else had the same experience here????

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Mexico Margaritas!

Monika's margarita. Beautiful shot! ;)

Who doesn't love a nice cold margarita on a nice sunny FL day? I prefer the strawberry one myself. I also try to have one each trip. These are quite strong so for a lightweight like myself I limit myself to one & have beer the rest of the day. Be warned! The first time I had them I drank two. OOPS! Never again ;) You HAVE to try these at least once. You will be hooked. I know they used to line them with sugar but I think it is only salt now!:( I'll find out in 3 weeks! :) Sometimes there can be a long line for these but they are worth it. They do run out of the strawberry margarita at times. In 2009 our first day @ Epcot they were sold out! I had to go back the next day for my fix!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Chef Mickey's Review...

Sorry for being MIA the past few days. I have been so tired & exhausted from work lately!

The first time I went to Chef Mickey's was for dinner with a friend (no kids) this past November 2011. We weren't sure what to expect. We were a little early for our reservation & had to wait at least 20-30 minutes before beginning the process. This is the longest I've had to wait for having an ADR. We made our way through the line after our buzzer beeped to take a picture with the statue of Chef Mickey before being seated. It was our first night in FL so we were excited to see Mickey before any time in the parks! After reading horrendous reviews online I was a bit skeptical about trying. I'm SO glad we ended up going. We had a blast! They served my favorite beer there so we enjoyed a few bottles along with our dinner. We sat in an open room next to the kitchen door which was fine. I wasn't sure how much character interaction we would get being just us two girls but it was fair to all! We had a blast with Mickey & the gang.

The food was decent. It wasn't mouth watering but it was still really good. I would go back for the dinner again. I really enjoyed the corn chowder soup especially. They had a lot of healthy options,carving stations,seafood,mickey pastas etc... You can create your own ice cream sundae & they have a few mini desserts plus fruit but who ever takes the fruit?! ;) j/k

In a few weeks I will be going to Chef Mickey's but for Breakfast this time. We will be going with another adult couple no kids. Before the end of your meal they walk around with the picture you took when you first walked in for purchase. We did not buy ours.I pre-purchased the PhotoPass Plus plan so our picture will be included at no extra charge for us this upcoming trip! :) I will do a review of the plan when we get back.

me & my best friend MM

After a few beers we took this & laughed so hard we cried! The couple next to us was laughing as well. :)
Good times at Chef Mickey's! ;) 

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ever Happy Cry At Disney???

I never had this happen again but here is my story. I was working at Snow White's Scary Adventure & the seven dwarves came out of backstage to ride with a few Make a Wish kids & other guests. To see those kids that happy made me cry of happiness. It is VERY rare for characters to ride with guests so it caught me off guard & I was a cast member?!

Do you have a similar story about a visit at Disney???

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Me in SWSA scene in the ride RIP :(-----

Monday, September 3, 2012

Shadowing While On Your CP...

Photo Courtesy of

I'm sorry I have been MIA for a few days. I had a busy Labor Day Weekend! ;)

I urge every college program intern to reach out to someone with your dream job & ask to shadow them. When I worked at All Star Music Resort I asked my boss to introduce me to the HR Assistant at our hotel. I got to shadow her quite a few times. It NEVER hurts to ask! A lot of the WDW staff are prior college program interns so they know how it is. I got to attend meetings with her & get good HR & office experience. I did go in to shadow on my days off but it was a sacrifice I was willing to take. Having Disney on my resume ultimately helped me get to where I am today & I'm ever so grateful! I'm an Office Manager for a government contractor. I tried to convince my hubby to move to FL but he hates the weather there so I'm stuck here for now...

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