Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Starring Rolls Red Velvet Cupcake Review...

Starring Rolls Red Velvet Cupcake 

I had high hopes for this place. I heard so many great things about it on www.disboards.com. I heard especially amazing things about the red velvet cupcake. I love red velvet so much that it was my wedding cake flavor!  We went here late in the afternoon around 3pm & no one else was there. I asked the young guy behind the counter for the red velvet cupcake. He then asked me which one it was which confused me because isn't he supposed to know that? I didn't think much of it considering he was a new intern possibly. :) I pointed it out & got one. My friend & I went to go sit at a table right outside. I cut it in half & dug in with my fork. It was the most DRY & awful cupcake I have ever had! I make really good red velvet at home so I was very disappointed. I let my friend try a bite so I knew I wasn't crazy on hating it & she agreed. I took one more bite just to make sure & I ended up throwing it away. I'm a HUGE sugar/dessert fiend so was so sad. I don't think I'll try another cupcake at Disney after that experience. I'm excited to try the carrot cake cookie & Main Street cinnamon roll this trip!

Has anyone else had the same experience here????

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