Monday, September 17, 2012

Unexpected Disney Surprise...

Sorry I have been MIA. My job kicked my behind last week leaving me so tired!

I went around to garage sales this weekend with my mom, her best friend, & my husband. We came to a sale with a few WDW mugs and I ended up sparking up a conversation with the people who lived there. We talked for 10-15 minutes & my husband didn't understand much of what we were talking about. Haha. The guy went inside to come back & show me a 1998 DAK polo he got before the park opened. Then I added that I had an opening coin for DAK myself.hehe. It is funny to see Disney people to try & out "Disney" eachother. Then my mom was telling him " She has a mousters degree" haha I'm jealous that he's going opening week for Fantasyland & he gets to try Be our guest as well. We discussed alcohol will be in MK & how that will go. It is always nice meeting a fellow Disney nerd. :) It is rare to find that near where I live!

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