Thursday, September 20, 2012

Organizing your WDW Trip Items...

My friend Monika & I waiting in the airport :) 

I am amping up for my upcoming WDW trip from Sept 29-Oct 6. If you will be there then please let me know! I always try to make my folder 2 weeks prior so I'm not rushing at the last minute. I print out all my flight,hotel,rental car,Hween/Xmas Party tickets & file them by when I will need them in that order. I type up my ADR #'s & put them in my iphone incase I need them. Another tip is to take a picture of the parking section you are in so you don't forget or your room #. I always bring extra empty bag to carry souvenirs on the plane. I tend to buy a lot personally.;) Remember your photopass Plus voucher & hoppers too! If you got your hoppers off of undercovertourist remember to xerox the backs of them just incase you lose them!

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  1. We will be there until the 1st :)

    1. Thats awesome! If you "see" me be sure to say hi :)



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