Monday, September 10, 2012

Mexico Margaritas!

Monika's margarita. Beautiful shot! ;)

Who doesn't love a nice cold margarita on a nice sunny FL day? I prefer the strawberry one myself. I also try to have one each trip. These are quite strong so for a lightweight like myself I limit myself to one & have beer the rest of the day. Be warned! The first time I had them I drank two. OOPS! Never again ;) You HAVE to try these at least once. You will be hooked. I know they used to line them with sugar but I think it is only salt now!:( I'll find out in 3 weeks! :) Sometimes there can be a long line for these but they are worth it. They do run out of the strawberry margarita at times. In 2009 our first day @ Epcot they were sold out! I had to go back the next day for my fix!

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