Saturday, May 31, 2014 Mickey/Minnie red patent purse...

Holding my LeSportPac Purse

If you'd like to see a detailed review about my I Love Mickey Collection purse from the collection please click here: 

When I got laid off of course I discovered this beautiful red patent leather Mickey/Minnie purse that I had to have! I saw them for over $200 on Ebay. I was determined to find a cheaper version of the same purse. I found it online two weeks ago but it was sold out. The next week I checked again & it was back in stock! Best words ever! ;) I ordered my purse from They have tinkerbell,Mickey,Minnie,Hello Kitty & other kinds of stuff on there. There is a really cute Mickey backpack I wanted but I decided to just get the purse. There are a lot of cute tote bags on the site as well. It took me exactly one week to get my order shipped from CA. 

Backpack from

Some of my friends are asking me if it is a bowling bag?! WHAT? It is a bit bigger than I anticipated but I still really like it! It is my new job present to myself. ºoº

Protector bag that came with it

It is PERFECT right?!

Inside of Purse

Yay or Nay? Do you collect disney purse? If so how many do you have? Pics? 

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mickey Mouse Mask

I saw this Mickey Mouse mask at a recent flea market & it really creeped me out! I'm not sure why but it did. Does it creep anyone else out?

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Tonga Toast from Kona Cafe Recipe & Review....

You can find Tonga Toast at the Kona Cafe inside of the Polynesian Resort at WDW. It is right next to O'hana's. I have eaten breakfast here & had the Tonga toast.This recipe is very close but not exact. I was a bit intimated to try & make this. It ended out being SO simple so don't be afraid! 

I tried this recipe with and without bananas. I preferred the ones without bananas personally.

You are drooling aren't you? ;)

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

HersheyPark Review & Pics...

We only live two hours away from Hershey,PA. We always get discount tickets from our oil provider. They close the park for Customers,Friends/Family of our Oil Provider in April. I met up with one of my old Disney College Program friends.Please do NOT compare this park to Disney when you go. The employees looked like they wanted to shoot themselves?! I kid you not they looked SO miserable. : ( 

Me & Monika : ) Notice our shoes?!

 The food was far too expensive for the quality. We ate lunch at Nathan's inside of the park. I thought the fries tasted EXTREMELY freezer burned! My Husband & his family ate at the BBQ place inside the park & he let me have a bite. It was awful but he seemed to enjoy it?

 *Quick tip- It is worth it to go & eat in the food court in HersheyWorld. That is the big building where the free chocolate tour takes place. 

You meet them on your chocolate tour : )

 The massive gift shop & chocolate tour are inside of that building. You get a free sample at the end of the chocolate tour. That is the most Disney like attraction Hershey has. When we were there we got mini size hershey bars. :) 

We did have the BEST sundae inside of the park! It was chocolate ice cream with pb,reece's pieces & pb cup chunks!!!! I couldn't even eat half of it. 

Part of Storm Runner
If you love thrill rides you will love the new SkyRush coaster. It is 4 seats wide & the outside seats sit over the edge of the track! The scariest coaster I've ever been on is at HP & is called storm runner! It is SO intense! You go 0-72MPH in a few seconds! It is so scary but smooth. I do NOT recommend the Wildcat wooden coaster. It vibrated our body/head so much I felt like my brain was shaking & it actually hurt my whole body! 

I don't think the daily admission price is worth it personally. We get discount tickets for $30 & that is why we go. If you have never been I guess it is worth a once in a lifetime visit. It is a small park. I suggest trying to find discounted tickets online. 

The monorail here is NOTHING like Disney. It is open aired & more like a tour of the property. They even have a knock off Space Ranger Spin ride. My friend commented how ghetto it was compared to Disney's LOL The one thing I do love about HP is that there is a small zoo inside of the park & it is free w/ park admission. It is a great zoo for a theme park in my opinion but I'm a HUGE zoo person. 

Does anyone here like HP? We had a nice time don't get me wrong I just don't think the regular price is justified. 

My friend & I wore the same mickey shoes HAHA

Monika taking me on a spin ;)

HP Height Chart :)

Pins are popular everywhere I guess?

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Flea Market Friday Disney Style!

I went to a HUGE Flea Market expo a few weeks ago & took lots of pictures of great Disney stuff to share! We saw these as soon as we entered the expo. The person selling them wanted $300 each puppet! We met up with friends & went back later but the Mickey & Minnie puppets were gone!

I'm not even sure if those are "Disney Productions" or if someone just made those themselves. In any case they were pretty cool. I looked for these on google images & couldn't find anything on this.

Do you collect Disney puppets?

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Blog 2 year anniversary & Giveaway!

Today is my blog's two year anniversary! I collaborated with Monika to start our own blog but sadly Monika just doesn't have the time to write like I do. It was her push that made me create my website. I'm glad that she did because it helps with my Disney Blues! I appreciate anyone & everyone who looks at my page be it for reviews,recipes, or something else! I've come a long way from only having 12 page views a day to in the 400's! I do not get paid for my blog so this is just a hobby of mine. I love helping people plan for their trips so this is a great outlet for me. Please don't hesitate to ask for help on anything ever be it WDW questions, Disney College program questions or anything else!

I would like to have a giveaway for 5 pins. I stopped doing giveaways when I was on unemployment but now I'm back at work so can start that up again! If you'd like to enter my contest here are the rules:

1) you must Like my FB Blog page

2) You must share this post

3) comment on the post about your favorite disney cast member experience

I will choose a winner next week with a random online generator like I have done in the past.

Good luck!

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

The Complete MAC Maleficent makeup collection

I'm highly disappointed in this new collection. No purple?! This collection looks like a snooze. I have a lot of makeup from the MAC Villains collection. This is a let down for sure. If you'd like to see my other MAC Disney makeup click here:

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to Get Disney Candy & Snacks delivered to your home!

Have you ever wondered where to get some of your favorite WDW Treats online? I randomly found this website recently & wanted to share with you all! They offer an extensive selection of WDW goodies to order from. Obviously they do not offer EVERY little thing you can get at the World but it does have a good selection. Ever get the craving for Karamell-Kuche salted caramel? You can order them through this website!

They offer a ton of other Disney items as well. I hope I helped someone with their Disney Cravings! ;)

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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Monday, May 5, 2014

WDW Hidden History: Remnants o Former Attractions Book Review by Jeff C...

Walt Disney World Hidden History: Remnants of Form...
Walt Disney World Hidden History: Remnants of Former Attractions and Other Tributes [Kevin Yee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. E...
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Walt Disney World Hidden History: Remnants of Former Attractions and Other Tributes by Kevin Yee, 226 pages

There's a term I've used before with respect to Disney-related books.  That term is "self-exemplary" and, unfortunately, Kevin Yee's book is not.  For a work that is supposed to be about paying close attention to detail, it's the details of the book where it fails.  Before finishing, I found myself compelled to return to to look at the reviews others had written to see if they felt as I did.  The answer was yes.  

While the information presented about bits and pieces in the parks being repurposed, recycled or redecorated was interesting, the format detracted from it.  There are no color images of one of the most colorful places on the planet.  The black and white images are reproduced on standard book printing paper and not a higher quality paper better suited to the task.  What results are small pictures with so little contrast that the item being pointed out by the accompanying text is, in several cases, impossible to view.  

The other major formatting problem is the fact many pages are half-filled.  There's a paragraph or two of text, a muddy picture and nothing else.  The text then continues on the next page.  Why?  This could have been a much thinner volume and still possess the same total content.  As a thinner volume, perhaps a higher quality paper could have been used.  There were too many missed opportunities.

Kevin Yee should have known better.  He's been to the parks many times and I've read and heard his material before I bought this.  The parts about reusing molds for various audioanimatronic characters' faces in multiple places and props from a defunct attraction in a gift shop were enjoyable.  However, that cannot justify the even the modest cost of the print edition.

And, that's where I believe the problem lies.  The entries in the print edition feel very much like a collection of web pages from a website which were visited one-by-one and sent to a printer.  Then, those printouts were bound for sale without any further effort.  I suggest you not make any further effort to buy a copy.  

-Jeff C. 

Please feel free to ask any questions!

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