Thursday, February 14, 2013 new I Love Mickey Collection & MM LeSportPac Review

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Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! I recently indulged in the new "I Love Mickey" Collection. He is my favorite so I cannot resist when I see something that I love! I got the i love mickey T-shirt & iphone case. I wanted the T-shirt before but it was sold out! I love them both so much! I broke down & bought myself a v-day gift for myself. The new Le SportPac Mickey collection purse. It is great quality & I highly recommend it but it was $95.

Me sporting my new MM Gear ;) 
Cute Charm it came w/ tote

It is called the "Everygirl" Tote

Inside Bag LOTS of room! & another pocket 

Inside front pocket

Included this free pouch

My hubby got me this Mickey mug filled with chocolate hearts with a dozen red roses. My Mother-in-Law got me the HUGE Mickey & Minnie's for V-day. They're 2 feet or so. Big but so cute! I thought I would share what I got for my hubby. I saw the "52 ReasonsWhy I love" on Pinterest" so I made one for him this year as well as taking him to the Final Cut Steakhouse at the casino last weekend. :) I got the cards at DollarTree & the rest was SUPER easy to do as you can see. ;)

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