Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Magical Moment...

On our first trip together my hubby & I were there for our anniversary in 2009. The hostess was so sweet & gave us pins to wear with our names. We waited a few minutes before we were seated. Before we could even order our waitress brought over two flutes of champagne with a strawberry in it. She told us we had to kiss until she counted to 3. She counted soooooooooooooooooo slow & we had to stand up & kiss in front of the whole restaurant. It had to of been more than 45 seconds or at least felt like it. Everyone was laughing & clapping. I wish we had pictures but we were there alone! :( This was our first time ever eating here & it made for a memorable one! WC will always be a special place for us. :)

Do you have a magical moment you'd like to share??

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This was taken before our dinner

This was the only character he wanted a picture with & was excited about. He was a ducktales fan! :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Secret spot for pics of castle & Space Mt not in the park...

After eating breakfast at Chef Mickey's we walked around Contemporary hotel a bit & found a balcony with a backdrop where the castle & Space Mt were in view! It is at the back of the hotel near the gift shops & you will see double glass doors leading to outside. I think part of it was a smoke area as well.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Tutto Gusto Wine Bar Review...

All the food here looked amazing! 

Behind the bar

This was our first trip here. My hubby is a true wine lover. I prefer beer or a cocktail myself. His favorite wine the entire trip was from here & he tasted ALOTTTTTT of wine in our week there! He had the Powerhouse Reds $18.

We also ordered a cheese plate which had the most amazing cheese but it was $$$. We shared the       L' Alpina cheeses. $24 It was recommended to us by the bartender.
My hubby enjoying his wine :) 

We just stood at the bar & had no reservations. There were plenty of open tables but we wanted to stand at the bar. There are no chairs at the bar as FYI. It was a nice place to take a break & get some AC.  The bar staff was SO friendly & knowledgeable.  It was the best service our entire trip I'd say. My husband spent $58 on the wine trio & cheeses so it was an expensive snack but it was his favorite our entire trip. We wished we tried this place sooner! We didn't try it until our last afternoon in Epcot. :( The sandwiches here looked amazing! We will do a lunch here sometime for sure! They had this machine behind bar to cut the prosciutto fresh. Looked so amazing! All in all a great place to lunch. If you don't get wine I could see saving some cash here but what would the point be? HA They do have some specialty beer on the menu as well as champagne.

The bathrooms are around the corner inside the Tutto Italia restaurant as FYI. They moved them from where they used to be obviously to make room for Tutto Gusto. I have been on the hunt for Fontina cheese at home ever since I had it here & have not been successful. :(

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mickey Mouse blocks for Mantle from Etsy...

I received these two months ago but forgot to blog about it! I had custom made blocks made for my mantle at home. You could probably take this picture as inspiration if you are crafty & make yourself but I am not crafty! This is super cute & it goes well in my home. She makes different sayings you can get like "home sweet home" & a few other things. I don't see any listed on her site now because it is the holiday season. I'm sure if you told her what you wanted she could do it for you. My blocks took 2 weeks to be delivered. She sealed the wood as well. You can pick different colors too. She is super easy to work with! If you know of a Disney lover this might be a great gift. I am in no way affiliated with the shop owner I just wanted to share the love & knowledge for Mickey lovers! I paid $28.95 plus $8.25 shipping.

The Etsy store is:

Happy Belated Birthday Mickey Mouse!!!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Silly Pictures you take at Disney...

He was shocked of the size of the treat as was I! 

We all do it while on vacation at Disney.My mom used to tell me to pose in the most crazy of poses growing up! HAH. On our last trip we took a bunch of goofy pictures & here they are! What are yours? Is there a silly picture you take on every trip? For us we always pose with the cement gator in the Studios!

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My fave of my husband :) 

One of my faves :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Primetime 50's Diner Review...

Photo from

We went here with another couple. Our reservation was for 8:30pm but the computer said it was at 8:00pm. We had to wait 30 minutes for  table because of that. It was jam packed! You can order a PBJ shake at the bar as FYI but our husbands got beers instead. :) They had an old man scream " Smith kids it is time for dinner" which was super cute! :) We loved the themed tables as well. It reminded me of my grandma's house.

Sadly I did not try the shake NEXT TIME! 
Me with our friends at table

Our waitress was Marnie & she was amazing! Ask for her for sure! We ordered the mahi mahi, fried chicken,pork chop,& meatloaf. My friends were on the dining plan so they let us share their appetizer & dessert with them. We had onion rings & crab nachos but I forgot to take a picture. :(

I had the fried chicken & it was VERY good. I would definitely get it again although I would NOT get the greens again. :) I did not like them & I tried to cover them up with a napkin but the waitress caught me & told me I was in trouble & no dessert for me. She came back out with my greens with whipped cream on top & made me eat two bites hah! My friends & husband found this hilarious. She even assigned us "homework" while we waited for dinner. We had to list 20 Disney movies not Pixar or live action movies just regular cartoons. She caught my friend's husband on his phone & thought we were cheating so took away our napkin & made us start from scratch! The table next to us cheated the whole time & didn't get caught.GRRRRRR.
My green in whip cream that I had to eat :)

My friends said their food was excellent & my hubby was surprised how good the mahi mahi was & he especially enjoyed the apple dessert. I wasn't too crazy about the brownie sundae personally.

Mahi Mahi
Pork Chop
Brownie Sundae

Apple Dessert

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Fun Magical Moments at Epcot

We were a bit early for our Le Cellier reservation at Epcot so sat down on a bench & rested for 10 minutes. A custodial cast member drew Mickey & Minnie with a broom & some water. I've never seen that done before at Disney & thought it was VERY cool!

Earlier that day we walked towards club cool but were stopped by a cast member asking us how our trip was. She told us Happy Anniversary & gave us a free fudge Sundae from Edy's. She was a southern younger girl I think on the college program. This made our day & it was the best sundae especially because it was FREE! :)

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Cast member drawing Minnie

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Carrot Cake Cookie Review

I did my research before my trip. I found out that you can ONLY get this at Hollywood Studios. You can get it at Writer's stop next to Sci-Fi or at the Candy store near Tower of Terror (that is where I got mine at.) I believe it is next to the Villains Vogue store.It is basically a whoopie pie of a carrot cake. We didn't think it resembled a cookie at all. It was by far our FAVORITE snack we had entire trip even trumping the salted caramel @ Epcot by a nose. It is HUGE & was easy to cut & split between the both of us. I am drooling just thinking about it. It was very moist & sweet. My hubby isn't one for sweets but we both agreed it was an amazing snack. You should've seen his face when he saw it & he was like that is a cookie?! Eat one for me on your next trip to the Studios. ;)

A slice of heaven
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yacht Club Resort Ale & Compass Lounge Bar...

Main entrance in lobby area 

My amazing Fuzzy Navel & Menu 

This was our first time at the Yacht Club Hotel. We had dinner reservations at the steakhouse but went a little early to explore hotel & discovered this bar called Ale & Compass. It is a cute little  bar. As soon as you walk in the main entrance to hotel you cannot miss it. There are 4 or so seats at bar & some couches & tables in the area as well. There was a large flat screen to watch football as well. We got there around 4:30pm & no one was there. She gave us the remote so my hubby could watch the Virginia Tech Hokies game. He enjoyed a Sam Adams while I drank come VERY good Fuzzy Navels. We stayed here around an hour or so. They have some good eats on the bar menu but we had dinner reservations so passed. The bartender was very accommodating & quick to serve us & other guests. I forget her name but she was an older lady early to mid 50s with blonde hair & glasses. It was a nice relaxed bar & we had a good time.

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Hubby enjoying beer while watch VT Game 
View of bar from our table


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