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Primetime 50's Diner Review...

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We went here with another couple. Our reservation was for 8:30pm but the computer said it was at 8:00pm. We had to wait 30 minutes for  table because of that. It was jam packed! You can order a PBJ shake at the bar as FYI but our husbands got beers instead. :) They had an old man scream " Smith kids it is time for dinner" which was super cute! :) We loved the themed tables as well. It reminded me of my grandma's house.

Sadly I did not try the shake NEXT TIME! 
Me with our friends at table

Our waitress was Marnie & she was amazing! Ask for her for sure! We ordered the mahi mahi, fried chicken,pork chop,& meatloaf. My friends were on the dining plan so they let us share their appetizer & dessert with them. We had onion rings & crab nachos but I forgot to take a picture. :(

I had the fried chicken & it was VERY good. I would definitely get it again although I would NOT get the greens again. :) I did not like them & I tried to cover them up with a napkin but the waitress caught me & told me I was in trouble & no dessert for me. She came back out with my greens with whipped cream on top & made me eat two bites hah! My friends & husband found this hilarious. She even assigned us "homework" while we waited for dinner. We had to list 20 Disney movies not Pixar or live action movies just regular cartoons. She caught my friend's husband on his phone & thought we were cheating so took away our napkin & made us start from scratch! The table next to us cheated the whole time & didn't get caught.GRRRRRR.
My green in whip cream that I had to eat :)

My friends said their food was excellent & my hubby was surprised how good the mahi mahi was & he especially enjoyed the apple dessert. I wasn't too crazy about the brownie sundae personally.

Mahi Mahi
Pork Chop
Brownie Sundae

Apple Dessert

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