Monday, November 26, 2012

Tutto Gusto Wine Bar Review...

All the food here looked amazing! 

Behind the bar

This was our first trip here. My hubby is a true wine lover. I prefer beer or a cocktail myself. His favorite wine the entire trip was from here & he tasted ALOTTTTTT of wine in our week there! He had the Powerhouse Reds $18.

We also ordered a cheese plate which had the most amazing cheese but it was $$$. We shared the       L' Alpina cheeses. $24 It was recommended to us by the bartender.
My hubby enjoying his wine :) 

We just stood at the bar & had no reservations. There were plenty of open tables but we wanted to stand at the bar. There are no chairs at the bar as FYI. It was a nice place to take a break & get some AC.  The bar staff was SO friendly & knowledgeable.  It was the best service our entire trip I'd say. My husband spent $58 on the wine trio & cheeses so it was an expensive snack but it was his favorite our entire trip. We wished we tried this place sooner! We didn't try it until our last afternoon in Epcot. :( The sandwiches here looked amazing! We will do a lunch here sometime for sure! They had this machine behind bar to cut the prosciutto fresh. Looked so amazing! All in all a great place to lunch. If you don't get wine I could see saving some cash here but what would the point be? HA They do have some specialty beer on the menu as well as champagne.

The bathrooms are around the corner inside the Tutto Italia restaurant as FYI. They moved them from where they used to be obviously to make room for Tutto Gusto. I have been on the hunt for Fontina cheese at home ever since I had it here & have not been successful. :(

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