Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Disney's French Quarter Beignet review...

You can find Disney's famous beignets in the food court at the French Quarter Hotel at WDW. These were at the top of my snack list. You can order them in 3 or 6. Three are $2.99 six are $4.29. I got mine pretty late at night right before they closed. The girl told me to pay for them first & she would make them fresh for me. I loveddddd using my Magic Band to pay but that is for another blog..... The girls in the bakery were very cheerful & sweet. I took my beignets w/ my refillable mug w/ soda out to the pool area with tables. 2 out of the 3 were made perfect. One was a bit chewy & not cooked fully but 2 were way more than I needed to eat myself to begin with! They are hollow inside for the most part & it was very airy & good. I'm not sure if I would indulge in these again since I always have a long list of new items to try. If you have never had these before I suggest you give them a try!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Frozen Fun in the Sun -by Marc

Olaf, everyone’s favorite snowman from animated Disney hit, Frozen, has told audience worldwide that his dream is to experience summer. With a little help from Elsa, Olaf has brought his dream to Disney’s Hollywood Studios as “Frozen Summer Fun”. This new event features Anna and Elsa and for the first time Kristoff. The fun begins each morning at around 11am with a royal processional along Hollywood Boulevard leading to the show stage. As “snow” falls, “snowflakes”, ice harvesters, skiers, and some of Arendelle’s locals march and dance, followed quickly by a float of Oaken’s Trading Post log where Kristoff rides.   The processional concludes with the appearance of beloved Princess Anna and her magical sister, Queen Elsa. Shortly after the processional, Olaf appears on the big sound stage screen and leads the audience in the Let It Go sing-along (a song that by now most people have committed to memory). Guests can also join Anna and Elsa at the Premiere Theater where they join the sisters in a magical retelling of their story in For the First Time in Forever Frozen Celebration. More excitement awaits guests at Oaken’s Frozen Funland (located at Soundstage One) for ice skating and snowman building. The fun continues at night. Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, take the stage for the Frozen Fireworks Spectacular. To thank the adoring crowd, Elsa creates some magic in the sky with some spectacular fireworks. This dazzling display is followed by Anna’s own wish for nighttime magic (provided by Elsa) and concludes with the fall of “snow” that is sure to make everyone want to build a snowman.

Some tips for the processional and the show. Be sure to arrive at least an hour before the show starts for a good spot along Hollywood Boulevard. If guests with disabilities or those traveling with special needs guests would like the best seat for the show, see a castmember for assistance. Generally, any spot along Hollywood Blvd towards the stage is the best place to view the show. Check the guide paper and time sheet for updates and changes and/or consult the My Disney Experience app available for iphone, ipads, etc.  Finally, the Frozen Summer Fun show, which started in July, has been extended to the 28th of September and currently, a special Frozen Fun Premium Package is available for those wishing to reserve their spots for all the summertime fun. So be sure to join Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf for this frozen fun in the sun event.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Carrot Souffle Contemporary Resort Recipe....

I have made over 40 Disney recipes but this was not one of the good ones. I had high hopes for this because I made a previous carrot souffle Disney recipe which was amazing. For that recipe click here:

This was lacking so much flavor & had a weird texture. If you are dying to try a new Disney recipe I'd recommend the other one I posted in this article. It was so sad because it looks so good.


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