Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Disney's French Quarter Beignet review...

You can find Disney's famous beignets in the food court at the French Quarter Hotel at WDW. These were at the top of my snack list. You can order them in 3 or 6. Three are $2.99 six are $4.29. I got mine pretty late at night right before they closed. The girl told me to pay for them first & she would make them fresh for me. I loveddddd using my Magic Band to pay but that is for another blog..... The girls in the bakery were very cheerful & sweet. I took my beignets w/ my refillable mug w/ soda out to the pool area with tables. 2 out of the 3 were made perfect. One was a bit chewy & not cooked fully but 2 were way more than I needed to eat myself to begin with! They are hollow inside for the most part & it was very airy & good. I'm not sure if I would indulge in these again since I always have a long list of new items to try. If you have never had these before I suggest you give them a try!

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