Friday, November 30, 2012

Our Magical Moment...

On our first trip together my hubby & I were there for our anniversary in 2009. The hostess was so sweet & gave us pins to wear with our names. We waited a few minutes before we were seated. Before we could even order our waitress brought over two flutes of champagne with a strawberry in it. She told us we had to kiss until she counted to 3. She counted soooooooooooooooooo slow & we had to stand up & kiss in front of the whole restaurant. It had to of been more than 45 seconds or at least felt like it. Everyone was laughing & clapping. I wish we had pictures but we were there alone! :( This was our first time ever eating here & it made for a memorable one! WC will always be a special place for us. :)

Do you have a magical moment you'd like to share??

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This was taken before our dinner

This was the only character he wanted a picture with & was excited about. He was a ducktales fan! :)

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