Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Grey Stuff Recipe & Review!!!

Photo Courtesy of Disney Food Blog

The above picture is an example of what the grey stuff looks like at the new "Be Our Guest Restaurant" in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. I have not been to the restaurant yet myself. I was told this recipe is almost exact to "the grey stuff" I randomly found it online 2 weeks ago! I made this for my office. I sent an email out titled "The Grey Stuff" & explained to everyone that it was a dessert from Beauty & the Beast etc.... I got a bunch of replies saying they thought my email was about spoiled food in the fridge. LOL. A lot of people were reluctant to try this (because it looks like...)but after they took one bite people were going back 3-4 times for a serving!!! They said it was one of the best things I've ever made so I consider this recipe a keeper. This would be a GREAT dish to bring to a BBQ. This is SO easy to make too! 

The Grey Stuff Recipe 


Instant Vanilla Pudding ( I used sugar free) 
1.5 cups of 2% or whole milk 
15 oreos 
1 tub of Cool Whip 
2 T of chocolate instant pudding ( I used sugar free)
* add candy pearl sprinkles if desired

  • Put vanilla instant pudding mix in bowl & add all the milk.
  • Mix well & put in fridge 10 minutes so it sets
  • Put oreos in food processor until you create a fine powder 

oreo dust

  • Add oreo to pudding & mix well
  • Add Cool whip to mixture 
  • Add 2 T Chocolate instant pudding mix to mixture & mix well 

  • Put in fridge for one hour & then serve! I didn't have a fancy piping set to serve how WDW does. ;)
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Picture courtesy of Attractions Magazine Website 


  1. What size box of vanilla instant pudding (ounces)? And what size tub of Cool Whip?

  2. I love the concept of your blog! It's great to read an inside perspective. I'll have to try this recipe, it sounds delicious!

    1. Thanks! Let me know how u like it :)

  3. OH, I have to make this with my grand daughter. She will get a big kick out if it. Thanks so much.



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