Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Eyes & Ears Cast Member Newspaper...

I am what you call a Disney Hoarder. My College Program friends are quite impressed with all of the things I held onto from our internships. I think I kept almost every cast newspaper I received. These are over 10 years old & you will be able to tell by the articles that I chose to show. This paper is a lot like any company's internal paper. It has a section for Jobs, Roommates,people selling cars, & a section for new apartment/Housing. It also has a section of classes cast members can take to further their careers. Every now & then it told about special Cast Member discounts in Orlando. I know when I worked at WDW I could see any movie at Downtown Disney for $5 all day/night. I went to the movies A LOT! ;) Disney has an awesome career advancement  program throughout of all Disney. I wish I took more advantage of the classes that they offered. I truly miss working for this awesome company every day...... :(

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Special glossy papers came out ever so often

I miss this parade & music don't you?!!! 
Anyone know if WDW still does the Jr Chef Program?!

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