Monday, July 1, 2013

Indiana Jones @ WDW ...

My husband is a HUGE Indiana Jones fan. He was so excited to actually go to the Stunt Show this past trip at DHS. We didn't get to go to it last time. It was a good show overall. They always "plant" a few stuntmen in the crowd with very loud touristy looking shirts. HAHA but it is always a good show.

To the entrance of the IJ Stunt Show on the left you will see this rope & well. If you pull the rope the well will talk to you. We did it a few times last trip & it was fun. :)

My hubby is such a huge IJ fan that he dressed up as him a few years ago for Halloween while I dressed up in a Kimono that I got at Epcot as a Geisha. :)

I let my husband pick out our entrance music to our wedding & guess what he chose? The Indiana Jones Music! HAH I might also add the we got married on Halloween as well. :)

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