Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disney's Venomous Villains MAC Makeup Collection

I'm a HUGE makeup fan to begin with but when MAC came out with the VV Collection I had to have it! THese came out in Fall of 2010.I really wish they re promote these as they were limited edition items & packaging.I love it all but wear the lipgloss the most. This collection was sold out by 9am the day it came out!Luckily the lady at Nordstrom's placed a web order for me & she didn't understand why it was SO popular! HAHA I love the Snow White blushes. They all have cute names. I use my items a lot but carefully because I'm not sure they will ever come out with these colors again!

The lipstick on the left is called Toxic Tale & the lipgloss name is Strange potion. :)

The blush on the left is called Briar Rose & the blush on the right is called Oh so Fair. The small pink blush is bite of apple. I de potted it for a blush palette I have. You wouldn't believe how much makeup I have?! Maybe I should do some princess makeup tutorials sometime? HAH

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