Friday, June 8, 2012

Creating Disney Magical Memories...

I learned how to always go over & beyond for the guest with my time as a cast member. We were told if we ever saw a guest drop their ice cream or  popcorn that we can just go up to the cart and request a new one for free for the guest. Also everyone at WDW is technically a custodial employee. We would always pick up trash no matter where we were. One time I was sweeping the queue line for the Mad Tea Party & this old man started lecturing to me on college and what am I doing with my life?! I tried to explain that I was on an internship program but he was not listening to me at all!

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On a few rare occasions I had guests crying about lost bags of souvenirs so I would simply write out a voucher ticket for the items they lost. They could take that to the gift shop & get everything they needed at no cost. For some reason that happened when I was at the Pooh ride both times it happened.

Working at WDW definitely opened doors for me that normally wouldn't be possible. Without Disney I don't think I would have my job today! I highly recommend the College Program to anyone going for any degree. It is an experience you will never forget & you will make life long friends too!

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