Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What is your Favorite Ice Cream??

An advantage to living at WDW for months at a time is to taste all of the different food! I discovered Mrs. Pott's Cupboard back in 1999. It has since been changed to Storybook Treats. I always get a chocolate ice cream sundae with chocolate fudge. It is my go to treat @ WDW every time.I'm a HUGE chocolate fan if you cannot tell! The longest I have ever waited for this is 45 minutes! It is worth it everytime.This place is unique &  you don't have too many places on property to get sundaes at a quick service place. Ghiradelli is great but this sundae does so much more for me. Maybe because it is so simple & the taste NEVER changes.Don't get me wrong I love Dole Whips too but I'm more of a chocoholic. :) Next time you are in Fantasyland give this place a try. It is next to where Dumbo & Snow white used to be.

What is your favorite ice cream at WDW Property???

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for linking me :)I love your site too!! :)

    1. I randomly found your blog last month and enjoy your stories. Thanks for reading and I'll be excited when your book comes out! ;)

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