Monday, June 11, 2012

A great Lazy day Activity....

A great activity to do on a day where you are feeling lazy is to go to the zoo inside of the Animal Kingdom. I'm a huge animal lover & enjoyed this zoo. I got some great pictures as well. It has a nice flow & viewing areas. The zoo wasn't busy at all! I think we only ran into one other couple & one family on the trail. It is a quiet little zoo.

Another lazy day activity would be to go to Fort Wilderness petting zoo & fishing area. They even have a cow "Minnie Moo" with a Mickey spot! I'm not sure if that cow is still there but it was a cool thing to see in person. They have a bunch of smaller animals to pet with a nice hand washing area nearby. There is also a park with swings close by too. We had a fun relaxing day there!

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