Friday, June 15, 2012

My Disney Book Recommendations...

I always love a good read especially when it comes to Disney. Since I am a past Disney intern I love the "Mousecatraz" book by Wesley Jones. It has a lot of stories in it from past Disney interns. I could relate to a lot of them. Parts of it are pretty funny especially if you never worked there. I let my friends borrow the books & they put post-its in it with questions for me on certain stories. HAHA

The other book I got was "Walt Disney World Hidden History" by Kevin Yee.It gives you detailed information on certain places in WDW & who the names of the people are like on the windows in Main street. It was a quick but fun read.

I have read the Walt Disney biography by Bob Thomas. It is a big book but you learn a lot about Walt as a child and how the company came to be. This book is for an avid Walt Disney fan.Right after I got home from my internship I went through a MAJOR Disney depression so I picked up this book. If you don't care for Walt much this isn't the book for you but I love it personally.

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