Thursday, June 14, 2012

Difficult times with a Vista Way Roommate...

Being a Disney intern forces you to live with people from all over the United States. My first internship I lived in a two bedroom two bath. I shared a room & bathroom. Luckily I got along with my roommate & I rarely saw her.Hah. Unfortunately for my other two roommates there were issues... One of them was a "born again Christian" while her roommate was an Atheist. Day in and day out the Christian would "preach" to the atheist on her beliefs. It didn't help that they shared a room & bathroom . Over the semester things escalated. The atheist was always calm & just told the Christian she had her own beliefs & wasn't going to change them.One night when I got home from work I saw the Christian storming out of our apartment by slamming the door. She didn't talk to me as I passed her in the hallway. Apparently she got physical with my roommate & pushed her!The Atheist was on the phone with her mom in Utah & Dana screamed at her to get off the phone & kept grabbing at her arm for the phone. Her mom is on the other line asking what is going on & concerned at this point. The Atheist told her to go down the hall to use our neighbor's phone if she needed one. Her mom had important family stuff to tell her that couldn't wait. Dana got so mad she pushed the Atheist into the wall! The Atheist had to hold herself back from hitting her as she REALLY wanted to. If you touch anyone at Vista Way like that you are supposed to get terminated...... My roommate went to security to report what happened & she had to write a statement. Myself & my roommate had to write statements as well with everything that was going on in our apartment.The Christian girl got moved into another apartment 3 weeks before our program ended. I never understood her. She claimed to be a "born again Christian" yet I caught her having sex on our couch one night when I got home from work yet she claimed to be a "born again virgin" too.....I've learned to never discuss religion because of this. I'm still good friends with the Atheist to this day. :)

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  1. Cool story. Love the "born again virgin." Everyone has their share of distasteful roommate stories. Ask Sam/me about it some time. (Odd that the atheist came from Mormon country.)



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