Friday, June 29, 2012

Yes, the snowflake was preserved

Here's a Blue Sky imagineering idea for the dormant Wonders of Life pavilion in Epcot's Future World.  Why not re-furbish it using some of its components and those of an extinct attraction, the Adventure Thru Inner Space?  That attraction was lovingly re-created at

The Wonders of Life pavilion lies between Mission: Space and Ellen's Energy Adventure.  The Wonders of Life Body Wars attraction involved shrinking as did Disneyland's Adventure Thru Inner Space.  In looking at the pavilion's status, it appears the ride simulator may have been removed at some point.  That doesn't seem to be as much of problem as it is an opportunity to put a more advanced simulator in it.  There has also been talk about a sinkhole near Mission: Space which may explain why its footprint is smaller than Horizons which it replaced.  The building itself appears to be structural sound as it serves as an occasional special events area.

So, just what's going to happen in Mission: Inner Space?  You may recall that Adventure Thru Inner Space closed in 1985 to become Disneyland's version of Star Tours.  But, that was just a clever cover story to mask what really happened.  You see, after 18 years of shrinking and enlarging multitudes of explorers, something happened - "The Incident." Some of them failed to return.  Their Atommobiles remained deep within a single snowflake which was preserved until a means could be found to attempt a rescue mission.  This is the goal of Mission: Inner Space.

The Mark II Atommobile was designed to return to the region of the snowflake where the explorers from September 2, 1985 vanished.  How could they have possibly survived?  The answer lies in the statements of the first person to make the fabulous journey.  The thoughtwaves of his first impressions were suspended in the "timelessness of inner space."  The original inner space explorers had reported that system clocks were always slightly out of synchronization after their brief journey.  This was attributed to the stresses of shrinking and enlarging through the Mighty Microscope.  That was found to be incorrect.  Time and space are interrelated.  By chance, the missing explorers slipped between two moments in time.  The rescuers are to search interactively for a temporal rift within an atom of a water molecule in the snowflake.  Then, the Mark II Atommobile is to pull the trapped explorers out without falling into the rift too.

It's dangerous, but someone has to do it.

The seats of the Mark II Atommobiles have interactive display terminals where riders can scan and lock on to targets.  Once they have successfully returned with the trapped explorers (after something nearly goes "horribly wrong" as always), the now-freed people thank them although they are a bit confused about emerging in contemporary Florida instead of late-20th century California.  They mention something about heading over to "The PeopleMover" before taking the "Skyway" to Fantasyland.

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