Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If I had One Wish...

Photo courtesy of disneyclips.com
People often ask me what is one thing at Disney that I haven't gotten to do. It is my dream to one day eat at Club 33. This is a secret club/restaurant in New Orleans Square at DisneyLand. I heard it costs $25,000 a year for membership! The wait list got so long they no longer have a wait list. Walt made this place for government officials, VIP's, & other celebrities. I was born in CA and have been to DL a million times although my last trip was back in 1997. If it wasn't so much money I'd go back sooner plus I'm way closer to WDW. I hear AMAZING things about Club 33 food & decor. It would be one of my three wishes if a genie granted me some. :) 

I enjoy reading http://www.talesofadisneylandcm.com/ & I pulled the Club 33 pictures from her website. She has an amazing story on how she got to go to Club 33! She went in great detail about the restaurant. I highly recommend her blog. 

Cool toilet from Club 33! 

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