Friday, October 12, 2012

Spirit of Aloha Experience.....

This was the worst experience I've ever had at a Disney event before but let me preface by saying it was pouring pretty bad. We arrived an hour or so before the show. Valet was a bit chaotic due to the rain but we got it done. We stayed off property so stood in line at the concierge desk to get our tickets. I pre-paid for them online since we weren't on DDP. She then told us we would have to check in at the desk next to a surfboard at the end of the lobby area. It was CHAOS down there! It was so disorganized that I kind of felt sorry for the girl working it. I noticed she was a disney college program cast member. Poor Girl. She was very sweet with us but the line had no order & was unorganized to a tee! We had several people come after us in line & ask us a lot of questions because it was so unorganized. Even the Photo Pass Line for the event was so chaotic that we didn't even take a picture.
 :( After that line she gave us another ticket with our seat numbers on it. Fifteen minutes later we were all escorted to the Luau center where they made us check in AGAIN! I don't understand why you have to check in three different times?That is just asking for confusion. They kept making announcements that the Luau could be cancelled at any point but we would still be fed. It rained the entire time but they still had the show but I wasn't that impressed with it. I liked the fire guy of course & some of the guys & girls dancing but found it too corny for my taste. I KNOW it is Disney but I would not go back to it again. My husband enjoyed it a lot. I took him here since we didn't get to go to a real luau on our honeymoon in Hawaii but I don't think it would compare so next time we go we will have to see. We were a party of 5 adults as FYI.

As soon as you sit down they will take your drink order & bring salad,pineapple,&bread. Wine & beer are included in the package but I chose to have a strawberry margarita after all of the chaos which was not included! The drink was VERY strong. It mostly tasted like just hard liquor which I didn't like but sipped it all night long. Beware! ;)

Next they brought out ribs,rice,&chicken. The ribs were cold but they did later bring out a new tray of hot ones but I didn't like them personally but everyone else at the table did. I did like the rice & chicken so that is a plus. I don't mean to be a Debby Downer or as my husband would say Kate Killjoy. ;)

My hubby & I at our table

The dessert is a chocolate pyramid shaped mousse with raspberry/pineapple glaze. It was ok but I wasn't crazy over it but my hubby loved it once again. :) 

I would not go to this show again. I'm not sure if it was just chaos due to the rain or what but we will try a new show next time! Please comment on your opinions of this show. I'd love to hear your feedback! 

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  1. I agree with you,I didn't like it either and will never go back to that show.



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