Wednesday, October 17, 2012

StoryBook Circus Under the Big Top Gift Shop

Me in new Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland 

I am going to write about the Under the Gift Top Gift Shop in the new part of FantasyLand next to Dumbo. It is to the left in the above picture. I thought I took a picture of the entrance but I didn't. I must have gotten distracted with all the new details I saw! It reminds me a lot of the old tent from Toon Town but it was a million times better & brilliantly themed!!! This was my favorite gift shop we went in the entire trip & you know how many of those stores Disney has! I really love the story of Dumbo & the whole inside coincides with just that story.

Everything from the carpet,cash register area,ceiling,& center of room scream Dumbo! I was so impressed with it all. Even my hubby enjoyed it. They have peanuts in the sidewalk just outside to start off. The carpet has a tent like theme to it as well which was a cool detail. The ceiling has a bunch of acrobat equipment too. The cash registers are train cars for a particular animal on the Dumbo train from the movie. It was SO cute! In the center of the tent is a huge candy counter to buy goodies! I was tempted but did not get any. We went here right after our breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table so we were pretty stuffed to begin with. They have everything from phone cases ( my hubby bought me one) t-shirts,ears,etc... My friends bought a bunch of stuff there & had it sent to their resort ;Port Orleans. Disney did send back to a few hotels that weren't Disney but they were in the Downtown Disney area. I never knew Disney did that so I thought I'd share the information incase you end up staying in that area! I highly recommend you have your kids watch Dumbo before your WDW trip so they can really enjoy the gift shop!

I took a lot of pictures people so here you are!!!
Treat counter in middle of store 

The carpeting inside store

Cash Register area I told you about 
Acrobat equipment in the ceiling
Just outside store .SUPER cute! 

Close up of some of the Halloween goodies I saw

Neatly stacked plush toys

My hubby amusing me by wearing Dale hat :) 
Peanuts in sidewalk outside
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