Monday, January 6, 2014

Flame Tree BBQ Review & Pics...

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This was our very first time ever eating in Disney's Animal Kingdom. I'm not sure what took me so long?! I must admit I wanted to try this place because I heard amazing things about the onion rings. THey were worth it! The line was a little overwhelming but it went by very smoothly & quickly. I was very impressed. They had a lady handing out menus in the long line so you knew what you wanted by the time you got to the register. This place has a ton of seating as well. Even though it was pretty crowded we had no issues finding a table for two people.

We were both boring & got the pork sandwich,onion rings to share & drink. The sandwich comes with  homemade coleslaw. My hubby loved it a lot. I'm not into coleslaw so just ate the onion rings & pork. :) The cashier & food runners were very friendly & efficient. There were two different sauces. The regular one is a sweet BBQ with a slight kick NOT much & the other one was a tad spicy. I used the sweet BBQ & my hubby used the spicier one. I ate my whole sandwich & we shared the onion rings. The pork was very moist & delicious w/ the BBQ sauce. They have stations set up where you have to get your own sauces near the condiments. The onion rings were crispy & delicious!

Our total came to: $30.62. It is a bit pricey for a fast food meal lunch  in the park but we loved everything we ate. It all tasted so fresh. You can find the recipe to the BBQ sauce on many websites. I might have to try making it sometime!

We will definitely come back here for a lunch for sure! :)
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The chairs were so cute!


  1. Fantastic review! I am going to try Flame Tree for sure on my upcoming visit!

    1. It is a great counter service for sure! Enjoy :)



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