Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge Review & Pics...

This place has been on my to do list for years! We were SO excited to try this place. This was also my official birthday dinner choice for our entire trip (December 2013). We love all kinds of food so I thought this would be a safe place to eat. We stood in line to check in 10 minutes early. The hostess asked if I was a Disney Cast Member?! I wish I still was! ;) We were given a pager & only had to wait 15 minutes or so.

The hostess who seated us was super friendly. We weren't in the main part of the restaurant but in the beginning portion of the restaurant. Our reservation was for 7pm on a Friday night. We were seated in front of this beautiful painting I had to take a picture of! We sat next to a family of three but after they left no one sat at that table again so we had more privacy.

I wasn't in the mood to drink any alcohol but my husband wanted to try the Oregon Flight of
Reds. He enjoyed them but he rarely comes across wine he doesn't like especially at WDW. ;)

          Our waitress was excellent. I would recommend Brenda to anyone wanting to dine here.

On back of menu

First we had some bread and drinks while we decided to get the mushroom soup & cheese platter. I had a taste or two of his soup. It was very good but I'm not a huge mushroom fan. He loved the soup. He helped me nibble on the cheese plate. I would highly recommend the cheese plate or soup. It was a lot better than I anticipated! The bread & butter/oil was amazing too!

For our main course we chose the Pacific NW Trio and Filet Mignon. I tasted my husbands and it was melt in your mouth good. My steak was a HUGE disappointment. The cut did NOT seem like filet mignon quality at all. It definitely was hard to cut & had a sirloin kind of a quality. My husband agreed that the meat was a poor quality & wasn't very good. The service was slower since it is fine dining so I didn't want to wait another hour to eat something else. I should have gotten the salmon. :( I normally love getting steak from everywhere at WDW. This was the first time I was disappointed in a steak at Disney. I would urge you to try something else if you wish to dine here. I'm not going to cross AP off of my list forever. It just may take a few trips before we decide to go back.

PW Trio 

"Filet mignon"

We shared the creme brulee trio to end the meal. I loved the chocolate one! The basil one was kind of a weird taste to me personally. I wasn't into it. I don't like coffee so my husband LOVED the mocha flavored one.

Since this is a signature restaurant be prepared to be here 2-3 hours dining. I will try Artist Point's again eventually. Everything but my steak was very exceptional. I was upset that we had to pay so much for a meal I really didn't like. In hindsight maybe I should have complained to get a good meal I enjoyed. Has anyone else had a similar experience here? I was SO let down with that steak. :(

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