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Fantasmic Show Review....

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Fantasmic at WDW is located in Disney's Hollywood Studios. It is next to the Tower of Terror area inside of the park. This night time show & Wishes are my favorite shows at WDW! Fantasmic opened on October 15th,1998. I saw it for the first time on my Disney College program in January of 1999. It is quite a show for those of all ages. I'm jealous of anyone who it is their first time seeing it! The first time I saw it I was just in awe of all of the special effects!

 Fantasia Mickey is my favorite Mickey in the whole wide world and he is in the show. You can also meet Fantasia Mickey in DHS Park at The Magic of Disney Animation. Sometimes you can meet rare characters there as well but you never know when that will happen! They do it on the spur of the moment most of the time. I will not spoil the show for you if you've never seen it. The score of music to Fantasmic is excellent. It is my ringtone. ;) 

 You'll want to get to the stadium 30-90 minutes ahead of show time to save seats. It all depends on the time that you are going. The last two times we went we got there 15 minutes before show with no problems but we were there during very slow weeks. Some seats up front might get a little wet just as FYI. ;) If you are on the Disney Dining Plan WDW offers a Fantasmic Dining Package that you should be aware of. We've never done the plan ourselves since we normally stay at BonnetCreek Resort. 

There is a beer/snack stand inside of the arena & also restrooms. Be sure to check for the days/times for Fantasmic. It is not an everyday show. It depends on the time of year that you are visiting. When the show is over you will have to stay tight with your group. It can be a bit mobbish leaving. We had that issue last time we went. It was a little chaotic but just be prepared!

I don't want to give much away to this show but it is always a must see. If it rains they still might have it. We went once when it was lightly raining. It was STILL worth it! They don't let you hold umbrellas at your seat so have your ponchos ready!! 

Feel free to ask any questions! 
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