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Wyndham Bonnet Creek Updated Review...

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I have stayed at this hotel at least 5 or 6 times. My in-laws are Time Share owners there so we get to stay for free. We went this past December for a long weekend for my birthday. The check in line was short so that was nice. We had to go to another line to get our parking pass. The lady we dealt with was SO pushy! She asked at least 5-7 times if we wanted to do a timeshare meeting & I nicely told her ALL 7 times that we were too busy & couldn't do it. We were only there a short amount of time so it was impossible. It really rubbed me the wrong way. I've never had someone there be that pushy before. I cannot remember her name & I wish I wrote it down.

I stayed in a new building that I was never in before. We were on the top floor right next to one of the Presidential suites. Our room was in a back corner. We had a view of the Swan & Dolphin hotel. We also could see the Tower of Terror from our bedroom window as well.

Wyndham got rid of the free bus transportation?! I was so shocked by this because last time we were there it was available. We ended up driving to the parks everyday. You had to reserve a tiny van for $10/day I believe. I didn't want to rely on this van every time we wanted to go somewhere.What if they were too busy? A huge inconvenience for sure! I want to stay on Disney Property on our next trip. My husband has never stayed at Disney?! His friend recently got a job there so hopefully we can use his cast member discount. One can dream right? :) I think I sold him on the Port Orleans Royal Rooms.

It is a nice place to stay for free but we ended up paying more money for parking since we aren't annual pass holders. I like Bonnet Creek but I cannot see how this is a good idea or saves much $$. Transportation to the parks should be FREE! Especially since you are in the middle of Disney itself. Not a happy customer!

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