Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vista Way Parties...

Before anyone got to Mardi Gras Party

Night of Mardi Gras Party

People often ask me if VW was really party central like Playboy magazine says. The answer is a million times yes! Be careful if you drink underage at VW if you get caught you might get terminated so just be smart about your choices. :) My roommates were from Louisiana so they had a huge Mardi Gras themed party. The best party at VW that I went to was that of my friend Kris. He was custodial at MK Frontierland. He would always flirt with the cheerleader guests. He even went on Splash Mountain with a bunch of girls & never got in trouble. Ha-ha He dated one of my roommate briefly & that is how we met. At his infamous party he had a few baby pools filled with jello & other items for people to wrestle in.I remember bumping into my friend Vanessa & she was covered from head to toe in jello! He ended up getting terminated for it. He knew that going in so he didn't care. I still talk to him every once in awhile.That was the craziest party I went to at VW.:) I wish I took pictures that night but I drank a lot of peach schnapps myself HAHA

My first night in Vista Way!

Our Neighbor partying at Mardi Gras Fiesta

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