Friday, August 10, 2012

My College Program "Prom"

Tom & I right before the "prom"

I heard rumors before my college program that WDW holds a "prom" for the interns. I brought a pretty dress just in case. Near the end of my CP they finally announced there would be a "prom." I was dating a guy from Poland so we went together. They arranged a few of the HUGE Disney Cruise buses to take us all from Vista Way to Animal Kingdom after dark. Unfortunately I was underage so couldn't drink at the party. They had as it was called then Countdown To Extinction running as well as a few other rides. There was so much food,fun,&dancing! It was a blast. My second internship prom was at the beginning  of the program so I didn't go because I didn't know anyone yet. I regret not going.  It is so easy to meet new people & friends there. CP's remember to pack something nice to wear!

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