Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Disney Traditions

I remember being SO excited to attend my "Traditions" class. It is an all day class learning about the culture & values of the Disney company. All cast members are required to attend this course. We were broken down into teams & whoever had the most Disney characters listed would win a miniature Mickey figurine. Guess whose group won?! ;) 

I like to write my stories by hand & then type them. Here is that same figurine :) 
I attended my training in the tunnels at Magic Kingdom. We learned about all the parks,resorts,mini golf,military hotel & much more. It was a lot to learn but I loved every minute of it! After the class I met my manager to get my badge,costume, locker, & work schedule. I was NOT allowed to take my FantasyLand costume home like I was able to at All Star Music. I had to go in a little early to change before my shift. I really miss working for the mouse!

What I was learning back in 2000 oh how WDW has grown since then!

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