Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guest Experiences from a FantasyLand CM...

People often ask me what what experiences with guests I had when I was a cast member.


#1 question. When is the 3'o'clock parade? Every single day I was asked this! ;)This has been a running joke for years with CM's!

Courtesy of www.melaniehamlett.com

#2 When I noticed guests trying to take their strollers in line. I would get yelled at often for telling guests with strollers that they simply could not take their strollers with them on the Pooh ride. If everybody did that line would be miles long & such a mess!One of my many duties was stroller patrol at FantasyLand . One lady was convinced someone stole her stroller. After ten minutes of looking I called Disney Security only for her to find it within seconds of him getting there... I guess it is better to be safe than sorry? :)

#3 Adults asking why not more than two adults can fit into a Dumbo? Why would you want to be squished plus the fact it was a safety issue? I would constantly have to escort people back to the queue  over this.

Me controlling Pooh Ride at podium  in Spring 2000

#4 I would always get upset guests when I had to monitor the Pooh line between Fastpass & the regular line. One lady was so rude she ordered her daughter to pee on the floor?! Yes, you heard me right. Her daughter was at least seven or eight so I was a bit shocked by this. We had to put kitty litter on the "protein spill" as Disney calls them.

Me at exit of ride with Pooh on my last day :(---



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