Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Villains Park You Say?

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My dream for the WDW Property would be to build a villains theme park! It was a rumor right before I left my disney internship. It would compete against Islands Of Adventure. I like IOA but it just isn't themed as well as Disney. There could be a coaster where Maleficent dragon from Sleeping Beauty could chase you with her flames! Another attraction could be a stellar water ride with Ursula from The Little Mermain something that no one has ever seen before? There could be Marvel Comics section of the park. Haven't you always wondered what it would feel like to swing from webs like Spiderman to save the day? I think a ride like that would be amazing! Of course they would have character dining with your favorite Marvel characters! This would be a huge market for the little boys out there. Another idea would be a Batman vs. Joker ride. Remember the scene with the huge Eighteen Wheeler? Maybe a 3-d combined with an actual ride? There could be a cute Captain Hook ride kind of like POC? Also a magic carpet ride away from Jafar that is kind of like Indiana Jones ride at DL but better? 

What would your idea be? 


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