Thursday, May 31, 2012

What is in the Tunnels?

I pulled this picture off of google images. NOT MY PICTURE!!!

 If you work at Magic Kingdom you park your car in the employee lot where you take a bus to the actual tunnels. You must show your cast member ID with Drivers license picture to Disney Security.When you first walk in it is the Aramark cast member cafeteria area on your right. I would normally grab food there & then bring it back to the Fantasyland break room area around the corner from the Tea cups behind the wooden gates. I believe HR is around the same area along with face character area as well(Next to cafeteria).Everyone is given their own locker. I could not check out more than one costume at a time. I wore the older Fantasyland costume. You would turn in your costume at the end of your shift. Every item of clothing is bar coded so if it went missing it was your butt! I got the top of my ear pierced right before my college program & Disney made me take it out. Security ALWAYS screened bags so you couldn't ever take anything home anyways. If you ever got caught taking pictures in the tunnels it was IMMEDIATE termination! There are signs posted EVERYWHERE that say that. No exceptions! It wasn't worth the chance to me.

All of the walls are color coded by Land so it was easy to get around. They have a HUGE trash system down there as well. That was the coolest thing I've ever seen.I  miss working there so much but I cannot convince my husband to move to FL. :(

In the back of Magic Kingdom next to the employee parking lot there is a huge tent where they sell overstock,discontinued items,slightly damaged goods to cast members at a huge discount between 50-80% depending on what it was. They call this place "Property Control."I got a bunch of snow globes,hoodies,tin Cinderella boxes for cheap. I still have all of that stuff to this day!

Right before my college program ended I discovered a beauty salon in the tunnels. It was VERY cheap & a small salon but it was a hidden gem. I think I just got highlights for around $50ish bucks back in 2000. It was nothing fancy inside. They only had enough room for 2 or 3 chairs but they did a good job & were super sweet ladies.

My WDW badge card and name tags over the two semesters I was there 
Cinderella tin from Property control I keep all my WDW keepsakes in!


  1. I'd love to work at Disney, but the commute from NH is a killer. :)

  2. What I enjoyed most about the tunnels was Seeing all of the costumes from each area of the park mixed together. Adventureland costumed cast member walking with a Tomorrowland costumed cast member & Haunted Mansion attractions costumed member! As a guest you may recall not seeing costumed cast member walking around property out of his or her designated area. The mix in the tunnels was memorable!



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