Sunday, May 27, 2012

Greek Pavilion Part 2

Diples :)P

Part 1 left off after describing the location of a Greece pavilion at Epcot's World Showcase and its breakdown into three sections: modern, historical, and mythical.  This was without regard to limiting matters such as funding or other naysaying.

The location of this Blue Sky thought experiment is in the area between China and Germany where Equatorial Africa could have been. Instead, Disney dared to dream bigger and built the continent of Africa section of Animal Kingdom. Well dare to dream big here too.

We'll proceed with modern Greece as it is the section closest to the lagoon and perhaps extends into it.  Much of Greek life still centers around the Agora (the marketplace). The modern section isn't the prime spot for rides and attractions.  Food, drink, dance and music are called for here. This is also as good a place for the inevitable gift shop.

Most appear familiar with souvlakia and gyros, but this is more of counter service fare. A high-end sit-down restaurant would serve a greater variety. The Taverna can also double as an area to display Greek dancing and music.

For drinks, Greece has some odd choices for alcohol. Retsina is that fine wine with a hint of.. pine?  There is the traditional Ouzeria which serves the ubiquitous Ouzo. Drinking around the world just got a new stop. Greek coffee keep you awake for the fireworks.

To go with your coffee, you'll need some pastry. People tend to think baklava, but there's much more. A personal favorite is diples (DEEP-lahz), a crisp shell with honey. 

Folk music and dance continues in the open air section leading.  Several other World Showcase pavilions have acts such as these.

A bit of edutainment may be blended in with this section.  Guests can learn something about the Greek language which could come in handy as they travel back in time to the historical Greece section.  That's where we're off to next time. - Jeff 

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