Thursday, May 17, 2012

Le Cellier Review

 I'm not sure why I never went to eat at Le Cellier on my internship. Maybe it was because I was poor?!My first time dining at LC was in November of 2009. It was the best steak I had ever tasted! I did go back to LC in November of 2011 with Monika & it was still amazing as the first time but I did notice a huge change in the portion size. Can you tell?Maybe it is just me? :) Don't you just love the cast member jumping behind us in the picture? HAHA

Monika even said it was the best steak she's ever had. Myself & my husband have said the same thing. I think the filet mignon trumps any steak from Morton's or Ruth's Chris any day! We were just at Morton's actually. The steak was good just not as good at LC's.;)

I hate mushrooms personally but I love their mushroom risotto that comes with the filet.My last trip Monika & I ventured on to taste the famous Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup. It was worth it. I will definitely get it next time. It is great to dip your pretzel bread in! I read online that you can buy that pretzel bread from a company in Canada?

 Monika sipped on a glass or two of one of their red wines & I enjoyed one of their Magical Star Cocktails that includes a glowing cube. It was an ok drink but I might just get a beer next time!

The first time I went was for myAnniversary. We got the Chocolate Moose!YUM. We also had Crab mousse as an appetizer but they have taken that off the menu. :( 
RIP Crab Mousse :( ----

I have had excellent service both times I've been here.Although last time I went they gave away our table to someone with the same last name!After sitting for 20 minutes Monika decided to go see what the hold up was.They apologized and got us a table within a few minutes. This is by far my favorite place to eat ANYWHERE in the US! I wish I could get this at home. After you have the filet you will know why this is the busiest restaurant on WDW property!  I will be back here in October. I'm counting down the days! I'm actually meeting up with one of my old Disney College Program friends so it will be great to catch up with her!

Le Cellier Tips:

Arrive 5-10 minutes Early to your reservation to check in. You check in at a kiosk outside next to the beer stand & then you go inside the building.

Book your reservation ASAP! Sometimes it is booked but if you keep trying someone will cancel & you will get in. It only took me one day to find a reservation during the week we would be there after they were booked solid! Yes, it is May & they are already booked for October!

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