Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ever see a Celebrity at Disney?

I have had the pleasure of meeting many celebrities at DisneyWorld. The first person I met was Vanessa Williams. It was actually on my first day actually working the rides instead of training. I remember it like it was yesterday...It was at Snow White's Scary Adventure. She had a HUGE diva attitude & I was very disappointed what she is really like. She had a VIP Tour guide where that lets her enter lines through the exit of any ride to immediately get on. I was trying my best to seat her party ASAP but it was spring break & packed. She kept rolling her eyes & sighing. It only took  two minutes if that for her to wait but apparently that was too long for her.

The only person I got real star struck over was Rob Lowe.He was SO nice and BEAUTIFUL. *Hubba Hubba* ;)  Evander Holyfield was another super nice guest. I tried to help him because all of these men jumped in front of him & started snapping pictures like paparazzi but he explained that it was ok & that he was used to it. Ashley Judd came to the park in no makeup and still looked amazing. We were trained to never ask for pictures/autographs & do not cause a commotion if you see a celebrity.I remember someone asking me if that was Ashley Judd & I just played dumb. :) I would've fainted if I ever met Justin Timberlake but alas I only ever got to see Lance Bass. A cool experience but I loveeeeeeeee me some JT!

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  1. I saw Cuba Gooding Jr @ Downtown Disney Marketplace while I was working at the kiosk outside the then called Toy Tower.. I looked up while on the phone with my father (oops can't get into trouble for on the job free long distance personal phone calls!) I said "that looks exactly like Cuba Gooding Jr!" then a few strolls behind him was the official red jacket wearing VIP Disney cast member! I said "yep that was him! Strolling by" no one seemed to notice! That was 1999 College Program



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