Monday, May 28, 2012

So Long Snow White....

I'm very sad that I have to write this posting. I have a soft spot in my heart for Snow White's Scary Adventure. At first the ride scared me ( If you don't know me I'm a HUGE chicken!) Working at the attraction forced me to have to ride it after my shift on my "ride through" & we also had to do a walk through. I will share my pictures of my last few days at WDW. All the interns took pics inside of the ride scenes. It was a rare opportunity I'm glad I had a chance to have. They have since retired my old costume. I guess if I ever want to ride it again I will have to go to DL! RIP Snow White. I'm hoping the new mine coaster will be amazing! Sorry my pictures are bad quality. I was there pre-digital cameras! 


  1. How completely cool is that? Very jealous!

    And I agree, I'm going to miss Snow White, regardless of how good the Mine Train is or isn't. Hopefully "The Little Mermaid" ride will fill the figurative spot left open by Snow White.

  2. I will miss Snow white but at least it will still be @ DL.



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