Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creating Magical Moments

I worked most of the attractions in Fantasyland. The process was that we would type in our SSN into the computer and it would tell us which ride to go to and then we were placed on a "bump" schedule. You would basically work at your station until you were bumped to the next attraction on the list. Sometimes the computer would tell you to "Create a magical moment." I loved doing these! I remember one family I picked was so happy! I took them through the exit of the Winnie the Pooh line when there was a massive wait. The kids were jumping up and down. Another time a family was venting to me how much bottled water was on WDW property so I had someone go to Wal-Mart and send a case of water to their hotel room that night on WDW property since they had no car. They came back a few days later to thank me. The whole time I worked there I only encountered one person with whom I worked who didn't seem like she wanted to be there. I don't understand how you could work there and not be happy?! I loved helping people! 
The next time you are at Disney, make a note about how the Cast Members point. Something so simple that Disney came up with their own point! Using one finger is rude in some cultures so Disney came up with cast members putting together their pointer and middle finger to show directions. I still do this to this day! You don't know how many times I used the "Disney point" to direct guests to restrooms, rides and other things! My mom thinks it is so cool and tells people about it. :) .
Another thing that the attraction cast members do is hiss to get each other’s attention. I made the mistake of telling my friend and he would hiss anytime we went on Fantasyland rides. Hah. When you are holding a car, you hold a fist and when you are ready to set the car forward, you open your whole hand so the control operator can see. This is very important when working at Dumbo. One person would do the spiel and control panel while the other did a walk inspection check and releases their fist so the controller knows everyone is safely buckled in. I still remember the spiel from saying it so many times!
"Hello, and welcome to Dumbo the flying elephant. Please remain seated at all times. To make Dumbo fly high simply move the lever up and down in front of you. Have a nice flight!" HAHAHA . 
I cannot tell you how many times I had to tell adults that no more than TWO adults can fit in one Dumbo. It was hard sometimes mostly because there was a language barrier. I'm SO glad I took Spanish in high school! I definitely used it every day working there. 
I will share the one Disney Moment that made me cry out of happiness. That has never happened to me since. I'm not sure why I cried because I'm NOT an emotional person at all! I was working at the Snow White's Scary Adventure control panel and the Seven Dwarfs came to ride with guests! There were a few Make a Wish kids there as well as everyday guests. To see the kids light up made my day!
- Kate 

I worked at the Camera Center underneath Spaceship Earth in Epcot, and occasionally, I would also have to work the lockers too. They were located around the corner from the Camera Center. While I was there one day, and I wasn’t helping any guests at the moment, I witnessed a little girl lose her balloon! 

 I had worked three summers at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ as a balloon-girl when I was a teenager, walking around the park and selling balloons for $5. each. (I used to tell people that if they bought one balloon for $10, they get one for free! LOL) Anyway, Epcot did not sell balloons in the spring of 1999 when I did my College Program, and I don’t think they sell any there now either. The little girl must have gotten the balloon at the Magic Kingdom and hopped over to Epcot with her family. When I saw the little girl lose her balloon, she started crying! Her father knelt down and was trying to console her. That is when I went over to the family and talked to the father.

I said that I saw what happened, and I was terribly sorry. (I gave the little crying girl a Mickey sticker, but she wasn’t too thrilled about it.) I asked if they were staying on Disney property, and they said yes- they were staying at the Polynesian. I got their name, and I said that they should expect something later on that day, to be delivered to their room.

I had arranged for the little girl, whose name was Hannah, to receive a bouquet of helium-filled mylar balloons, along with a card signed by the Big Cheese himself, Mickey Mouse!

The next day, I went to work as usual, and this family came back to Epcot. They found me working at the Camera Center, and the father expressed to me that his little girl Hannah was extremely happy and excited over receiving the surprise from Mickey Mouse! They came back to Epcot just to say thanks! It made me feel awesome, and I was happy that Disney has such a thing called “Disney Empowerment.” I tell this story to prospective employers at job interviews, when they ask me how I go above and beyond while at work.


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