Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brown Derby Review...

I have posted a previous review on the Brown Derby but the menu has changed since then. If you are interested in reading my old review which also talks about the other Brown Derby in Albany,NY then click this link:

This was my second time dining here & my hubby's first. This is a very nice signature restaurant. I have always had the best service & food here. It is quite pricey but I think the food is worth it. My favorite alcohol drink is served here & I always get two. :) The waitress was nice enough to write down the drink recipe for me. To try & recreate Peach Tree Punch click here: ( I made them on NYE & they were SO good!)

On my first trip to BD Monika found out her ONE glass of wine was $18! Knowing that my hubby is a huge wine person I let him know of that before he ordered. BD has an extensive wine menu. He ended up finding a half bottle of wine a little more than $17. I cannot remember the exact price. He really enjoyed the wine & said it was worth it. I believe he got 3 glasses out of the bottle. 

Large Wine/Drink Menu

We both decided to try the potato leek soup as our appetizer. It was VERY creamy & wonderful. It was even better than the soup at Rose & Crown which I like a lot. We both ordered the filet mignon with corn risotto. It was truly superb. I have had a filet mignon here both times & both were high grade quality. We were too full for dessert. Now that I think about it I have never had dessert here?! I'm not a grapefruit fan & they are famous for the grapefruit cake but you can get it at Starring Rolls in DHS now. My friends were at WDW same week as us & shared some of their pictures with me so I will post their dessert pics & they loved everything they ate as well. Since I have been here two times in a row I might try a new place next time but I will eventually be back! If you're looking for a good drink & steak this is your place. I dined here both times at lunch time as soon as they opened so it was peaceful & quiet.

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