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Vista Way Apartment Information...

Me & my roommates in Window in upper lefthand side Window ;) 

Vista Way Sign in 2000

I've seen a lot of people ask what is exactly in the Vista Way Apartments so I thought I'd write out this blog to help out the newbies. ;)

When you first walk in there is a coat closet. Depending on the number of bedrooms is the layout. The first bedroom is to your right & the other bedroom or two are in back of the apartment. The front bedroom has its own bathroom while the other bathroom is in the back of the apartment.

The Bathroom includes a cheap & nasty shower curtain. I highly recommend you bring your own! Right outside of the bathroom in bedroom one there is a vanity area with sink & medicine cabinet with underneath sink/storage area as well. The closets in the bedrooms should have lockers but you need to supply the lock. I had my credit card stolen & lots of my food taken so it would be wise to invest in one! :)

The Family room has a couch,oversized chair, table, TV table, & you can rent a TV w/ cable from the Clubhouse if you want. We paid for the TV cable but honestly I was so busy I rarely ever watched it. :) I'm a HUGE TV person too but when you are there you are either working,partying,or at the parks,pool,etc....

The Kitchen is a basic set-up with a long counter. You could probably buy some bar chairs if they aren't already supplied. When I lived there we didn't have any. All the plates,silverware,pots,pans etc are included in the apartment. If you want tupperware or that kind of thing you will need to supply that. There is a locked utility room in back of the apartment as well. You will need to buy all your cleaning supplies like: mop,spray cleaner etc That goes for the bathroom too.

My bedroom included two twin beds, 2 night stands, a Large dresser for you to share with your roommate. My 1st CP I lived in the back bedroom (2 bedroom) My 2nd CP I lived in the front bedroom(3 bedroom). I did NOT like the front bedroom. I heard most of the noise & my roommates used to sit on our front porch & talk all night. Most of them worked late shifts or at Pleasure Island then while I worked mid-day Fantasyland shifts so it was hard at times to get sleep. I was in a Non-Smoking apartment both times but my 2nd CP my roommates smoked in it all the time which sucked. My roommate ended up moving upstairs because of it.

Decorate your place to make it your own. When I was there Abercrombie & Fitch was HUGE so we cut out A&F clothes & taped them up in our apt it was cute! They do offer Wellness & Non-Welness Apartments. It basically means if you want to live w/ people who drink alcohol or not. Bring your own sheets! I regret not doing that. The ones you are given are not nice!

Moving to Vista Way was my very first time away from home. It was the first time I had to do dishes, laundry,etc. Be patient with those kind of people. I was SO homesick my first CP I lost 15 lbs. It took me a month & half to be able to eat. I stayed the full time on both of my programs. I was a VERYYYYYYYYYY shy person before my DCP but now am much more open than I used to be. It really did help me in a lot of ways. Washers & Dryers were on the First Floor when I was there.

I suggest bringing  computer if you can. They have computers at the clubhouse but they had us on a timed usage system when I was there. The Clubhouse was great. They had ping pong,weight/aerobic room, You could rent videos or sports equipment as well.

Vista Way is walking distance from Walgreens/Liquor store,ChickfilA,Wendy's,gas station,etc....Vista Way offers buses that go to Super Walmart if you are worried about groceries & getting supplies you need for work. ATM's are on property as well.

I hope everyone LOVES their roomates!:)

Quick tips:

  • ALWAYS have your Vista Way ID on you at all times!
  • Lock up anything you find valueable. It is better to be safe than sorry! 
Congrats to everyone who was accepted into WDWCP & I hope you have an amazing time & make lifelong friends like I did! I'm going to visit one of my CP Friends this summer at the Jersey Shore! 

Please feel free to email me any question:

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Our Apt view from window 

A&F cut outs I mentioned LOL

After my roommate moved out I pushed my beds together & had my own room for last month of CP :)

Me & my VW ID

My first attempt to do the dishes on my own :) 

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