Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Best 5 Disney Snacks Under $5...

These are my picks for best snacks under $5 at Disney.

#1 Carrot Cake Cookie $3.99

You can only get this delightful treat at Disney's Hollywood Studios at Writer's Stop or the Candy Store near Tower of Terror. I couldn't find the name of the store online. This was by far our FAVORITE snack we had the entire trip. We will get another for sure. I heard recently they started adding these to the Dessert parties Disney offers.....

#2 Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel $3.99

You can find this amazing piece of candy at Karamell-Kuche in Germany at Epcot. The aroma in this store is pure bliss! There is always a line here & now I know why! My last trip I had a regular caramel & wasn't impressed so this time I tried the salted chocolate one & it was heavenly. My husband & I were fighting over it. I was shocked because he rarely loves sweets. You can easily get 5 bites out of this huge piece of candy. I might get my own next time...... ;)

#3 Apple Crisp $3.79

We ate here last trip with some friends who were on the Disney Dining Plan. One of them didn't want the dessert so gave it to my husband as he's a huge fan of apple crisps. He said it was one of the best ones he's ever had. Sadly I forgot to take a picture so had to borrow someone else's. You can find these in Magic Kingdom at Columbia Harbor House which is in between Fantasyland & Frontierland.

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#4 Onion Rings $ 3.79 

These are on my to do list for next trip. Who doesn't love a good helping of crispy wonderful onion rings?! I have not heard one bad thing about these bad boys. You can find them at Animal Kingdom at Flaming Tree BBQ. 

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#5 Corn Dog Nuggets $4.49 

I'm a big corn dog fan so these are definitely on my list too! You can find these in the Magic Kingdom at Casey's Corner. I am dying to try! Looking at this picture makes my mouth water! 

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