Friday, June 21, 2013

Top 5 Ice Cream Options ( In My opinion :) )

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All of these are totally my opinion. :) It is a nice warm day today so I thought I'd talk about some of my favorites & some new things I'd love to try!

#1- StoryBook Treats Chocolate Fudge Sundae at Magic Kingdom $4.29-$4.99

They have a few different sundaes to pick from. I love soft serve sundaes myself. I always get the chocolate sundae with hot fudge EVERY trip! I always make time for this one! I am a huge chocoholic. The hot fudge is SOOOOOOOOO good! If you love chocolate you will love this place. They have a brownie sundae & Strawberry shortcake sundaes as well. I discovered this place when it used to be called Mrs. Potts when I worked in Fantasyland & it has been my favorite ever since.

#2 Ghirardelli Gold Rush Sundae at Downtown Disney $8.95

 I normally go for the banana split here but decided to change it up last trip & was SO glad I did! This sundae is great for any peanut butter fudge lover! Monika & I were both a fan of this sundae. I will go back to this one for sure! You order your sundae at the register & then they give you a number & they bring it out to you.

#3 Plaza Restaurant Banana Split at Magic Kingdom $7.99

I am a huge banana split fan & try to sample them if I can everywhere & anywhere. :) This sundae blows the Ghirardelli one out of the water! I'm hoping to get one on my next trip. I haven't had one in awhile but the awesomeness of the sundae is imprinted in my memory & I hope it still lives up to what it once was!

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#4 Aloha Isle Dole whip at Magic Kingdom $3.49

I know most people are obsessed with these babies but I'm more of a chocolate person. I do love these don't get me wrong!!! When we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii we went to the Dole Plantation & I was so excited to find a dole whip! :) If you aren't much of a chocolate fan you will absolutely love these! They also have a citrus swirl which I'm dying to try next trip.

Monika & I enjoying our Dole Whips.

#5 La Glace France Ice Cream at Epcot $3.99 and up

As soon as I saw this on the Disney Blog I knew it would go on my next to try list. I am VERY interested in the Salted Caramel version at this shop. You can get assorted liquors on our ice cream if that is your thing but it will cost more. Has anyone tried it yet? Opinion please?! :) 

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What is your favorite ice cream at WDW?? 

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